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This is where the story takes place.

Lake Baikal Region Prison

This is surrounded by a ten-foot high electrified barbed wire fence.

Vanyushin's Cabin

This where Mack steals a sweatshirt, canned meat and a knife.

The Village

Mack stays with this group for part of the winter and helps provide meat and furs for them.

Mack's Hideout

When Peshkov finds this place, he falls inside it and breaks his back.


Mack holds one of the Russian officials hostage in this town.

Cabin Above Plastun Bay

This is where Natalya and her father go to wait for Mack.

Village of Plastun Bay

This is where Natalya runs into Yakov.

Chinese Border

This is where Bocharev's father and Potanin help Natalya and Zhikarev finally escape Kyra and Stegman.


The village where Yakov is being held prisoner for helping another prisoner escape.

A Moutain Road Outside Evensk


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