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Chapter 1-5

1. What does the soldier count up to before he is allowed to go?
(a) One billion.
(b) One hundred.
(c) One thousand.
(d) One million.

2. Why is Zamatev's coat so unadorned?
(a) His decorations have been confiscated.
(b) He chooses not to wear decorations.
(c) He cannot find his decorations.
(d) His ranking is low.

3. Why do the Soviets capture Makatozi?
(a) They want a bargaining tool for war negotiations.
(b) He has information on experimental aircraft.
(c) They are scared he will oust their spy agents.
(d) He is being retrained as a doube agent.

4. What characteristic annoys Zamatev when he first meets Makatozi?
(a) Impoliteness.
(b) Lack of cooperation.
(c) Enthusiasm.
(d) Arrogance.

5. What is Alekhin's pride?
(a) He has never been defeated in an arm wrestle.
(b) A reputation as a great chef.
(c) His Russian heritage.
(d) No prisoner has escaped him.

6. Why does Zamatev consider Major Joe to be alone?
(a) He has no ties back home.
(b) He is not yet married.
(c) He is already believed dead.
(d) Traitors have no friends.

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