Last of the Breed Character Descriptions

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Joe Makotozi (Joe Mack) - He is captured when his test plane is brought down by a Russian Colonel named Zamatev. From that moment he begins planning his escape.

Alekhin - His claim to fame in the Soviet Army is that he can track anything and no one has ever escaped him.

Natalya Baronas - This character is the one person in the village who decides who can stay and who cannot and ultimately decides Mack's fate.

Yakov - He along with several other people from the village spend most of their time breaking their fellow Russians out of prison. He is the person who tells Mack about the village and how to get there.

Colonel Arkady Zamatev - He is hunting Mack throughout the novel.

Kyra Lebedev - She is Zamatev's girlfriend as well as an employee.

Stephen Baronas - He is a Lithuanian solider who...

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