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Chapter 1-5

• Colonel Zamatev talks to his prisoner Joe Mack, a native American who is a member of the American army. Zamatev wants Joe to give him information about American test planes, but Joe is loyal to his country and refuses. Zamatev tells Joe that everyone thinks he is dead and he could easily kill him and without repercussions. Still Joe says no.

• Back in his cell Mack plans his escape. He meets an Englishman who in exchange for Mack telling his family he is still alive, will give Mack information about the surrounding area.
• Mack escapes by jumping the electric fence and running. Bullets fly over his head but all miss him and he manages to make his way into the thick undergrowth of the taiga. After 10 minutes he has a good distance between him and the camp and knows that it will be another 10 minutes before...

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