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Short Answer Questions

1. When Harry treats Tralala like a lady, how does she act in return?

2. What does Mike like to prove to the rest of his friends?

3. How does Mike reward himself after he changes his child's nappies?

4. Obviously, what kind of life has she led?

5. What do some characters like Lucy strive to achieve?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Tralala get physical with the sailor Doggie?

2. How does Tralala's story end?

3. What does Lucy fear about her children playing in the laundromat?

4. What makes Harry very happy after meeting a couple of drag queens?

5. Why does Lucy get very angry at her husband?

6. What time does Harry hate spending with his wife?

7. Why is Harry upset when the strike finally comes to an end?

8. Why does Mike refuse to go along with his wife's requests in the morning?

9. When Harry sees his son in the bath, what does he do?

10. While Abe goes out with a woman named Lucy, what does Nancy do?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why is Harry never punished for the corruption that he causes at the union?

Describe how he weasels out of any sort of punishment.

Essay Topic 2

Many characters use sex in different ways.

What characters use sex for money or to get ahead in their lives?

Which characters are denied sex?

Which characters partake in many sexual experiences to escape from their boring lives?

Essay Topic 3

Nancy exerts her own sexual desires and wants by masturbating. What other female characters exert their own sexuality in a way that does not exploit their bodies for money?

Why would Tralala insist that she knows how to assert her own sexual agency?

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