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Short Answer Questions

1. To help his daughter what does Suzy's father do?

2. What do Suzie and Tommy end up having?

3. How does Shelby write the fight scenes?

4. Who does Vinnie end up choosing?

5. What has Georgie taken that makes her a little numb to the pain?

Short Essay Questions

1. The novel begins in this place and is frequented by what group?

2. What has Georgie struggled to find for most of his life?

3. Explain Selby's writing style as the fight between Freddie and Rosie begins.

4. What are causes of senseless acts of violence?

5. As a result of her time in Times Square, what does she begin to do?

6. Why does Vinnie allow his friends to throw knives at Georgie?

7. When Spook announces he has obtained an old police motorbike, how do the party guests react?

8. What time does Harry hate spending with his wife?

9. What does Ada spend most of her life doing and what do people in Brooklyn feel about her?

10. How does Tralala's story end?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why is Harry never punished for the corruption that he causes at the union?

Describe how he weasels out of any sort of punishment.

Essay Topic 2

Selby writes Last Exit to Brooklyn like a collection of stories.

Is this effective to his storytelling?

Would it have been more effective to have the entire novel work as one cohesive unit?

Explain why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

It seems as though many characters do not respect their partners. Analyze each of the following couples and explain how they do or do not have a healthy, trusting, respectful relationship:

Mike and Irene

Abe and Nancy

Tommy and Suzie

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