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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Harry begins to forget his problems at home and at his job and begins to ___________.
(a) Sleep on the couch and not with his wife.
(b) Slips more into a comatose state.
(c) Not go into work.
(d) Begin spending the union's money.

2. What does Mike demand from Irene, although she works long hours?
(a) She have sex with him even tough he is tired.
(b) She cooks and takes care of the children.
(c) He demands her to cook food for the family.
(d) She look after the children

3. What makes the foremen angry with Harry?
(a) He does not listen to his supervisors.
(b) Harry refuses to pull his weight.
(c) Harry forces everyone to go on strike.
(d) A new worker has been put on a steel cutting job and Harry objects.

4. How do the superiors react to Harry as a union rep?
(a) He is not helpful with worker issues.
(b) They think he is annoying because he abuses his power.
(c) Everyone respects Harry's job.
(d) They think he is a stickler for the rules.

5. What does this provoke Vinnie to do?
(a) Introduces Harry to a transvestite.
(b) Admit to Harry he also likes men.
(c) Tease Harry about his homophobic rants.
(d) Take Harry to a place where he can try out his new dreams.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Tralala become angry with Al and Tony after the robbery?

2. After months of violence, a fight finally breaks out on the picket lines. What do the police do to keep people in check?

3. Where does Harry invite Vinnie, Sal and Malfie to go with him?

4. As the strike continues, what happens to the workers' feelings about the strike?

5. To many the union members, what type of personality does the President of the union have?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Mike insist on making his wife's life very difficult?

2. What does Lucy fear about her children playing in the laundromat?

3. Why does Irene enjoy going to work?

4. While Abe goes out with a woman named Lucy, what does Nancy do?

5. What does Lucy feel she has little control over?

6. When Harry no longer has an outlet for his repressed sexual feelings, what does he do?

7. How does Tralala's story end?

8. Why did Vinnie and Mary decide to get married?

9. Why is Tralala angry when Harry leaves?

10. What does Ada spend most of her life doing and what do people in Brooklyn feel about her?

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