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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As the strike continues, what happens to the workers' feelings about the strike?
(a) They get restless because they are not getting paid.
(b) They get violent with one another.
(c) They get more excited because they will get more money.
(d) They grow tired of Harry.

2. What does Mike demand from Irene, although she works long hours?
(a) He demands her to cook food for the family.
(b) She have sex with him even tough he is tired.
(c) She cooks and takes care of the children.
(d) She look after the children

3. Over the next few days, Tralala frequents Time Square, trying to do what?
(a) See old friends.
(b) Pick up men and make money.
(c) Run more scams on innocent people.
(d) Make new friends.

4. Harry begins to forget his problems at home and at his job and begins to ___________.
(a) Slips more into a comatose state.
(b) Begin spending the union's money.
(c) Not go into work.
(d) Sleep on the couch and not with his wife.

5. What does Doggie beg of Tralala?
(a) To be his girlfriend because he is madly in love.
(b) His money so he can take a cab home.
(c) His ID card so that he can get back to the naval base.
(d) TO have sex with him because he is a virgin.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mike like to do with his time?

2. Who would Abe like to have a sexual relationship with?

3. Why do all the men in the bar decide to leave?

4. Obviously, what kind of life has she led?

5. What theme does Tralala's character introduce into the book?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Mike insist on making his wife's life very difficult?

2. How does Tralala's story end?

3. What does Lucy feel she has little control over?

4. Why is Harry excited for the upcoming strike?

5. What does Lucy fear about her children playing in the laundromat?

6. How does Harry pay for his actions?

7. Why does Vinnie decide to tease Harry?

8. When Harry sees his son in the bath, what does he do?

9. While Abe goes out with a woman named Lucy, what does Nancy do?

10. Why does Mike refuse to go along with his wife's requests in the morning?

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