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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Harry leaves to go to his next post, what does he give Tralala?
(a) A coupon.
(b) A receipt.
(c) A love letter.
(d) Money.

2. What is Tralala's main concern?
(a) How she will ever find Harry again.
(b) Getting out of jail.
(c) If she will ever find love.
(d) How she will make the next dollar.

3. Who would Abe like to have a sexual relationship with?
(a) A close family friend.
(b) A man named Stanley.
(c) A girl named Lucy.
(d) His wife but she is not interested.

4. Why does Lucy get very upset by Louis after finding feces in their elevator?
(a) He promises to move them out of the neighborhood.
(b) He tells his wife to be paitent, they will move soon.
(c) He thinks it is disgusting.
(d) He laughs at the situation instead of trying to fix it.

5. What does Tralala normally do at Greeks?
(a) She picks up men and then steals their money.
(b) She seduces men in the hopes they will marry her.
(c) She picks up men.
(d) She steals money to make it by in life.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the bar?

2. How does Irene feel about her job?

3. What do some characters like Lucy strive to achieve?

4. Why does Doggie go after Tralala outside?

5. Why do all the men in the bar decide to leave?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Tralala meets Harry, what does she suddenly feel?

2. Why is Tralala angry when Harry leaves?

3. When Harry no longer has an outlet for his repressed sexual feelings, what does he do?

4. Why is Harry excited for the upcoming strike?

5. Why does Irene enjoy going to work?

6. When Abe goes to the barber shop, what does he like to gloat about?

7. What does Harry buy with a lot of the money?

8. As a result of her time in Times Square, what does she begin to do?

9. Why does Mike refuse to go along with his wife's requests in the morning?

10. What does Lucy fear about her children playing in the laundromat?

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