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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the hipsters try to clean Georgie's wound with?
(a) Liquid Asprin.
(b) Iodine.
(c) Rubbing Alcohol.
(d) Whiskey.

2. Why is Georgie different from many people around her?
(a) She is a transvestite.
(b) She is gay.
(c) She is a homosexual transvestite.
(d) She looks like a man.

3. At home, how does Georgie's mother feel about Georgie's life choices?
(a) She hates her son for dressing like a woman.
(b) She loves her son, but not the woman he pretends to be.
(c) She hates Georgie for being gay.
(d) She still loves Georgie because she is her son no matter what.

4. Why doesn't Georgie want to go home?
(a) She is afraid her father will be home.
(b) Her brother is at home and makes her life miserable.
(c) She hates being at home with her family.
(d) She thinks her mother will be frightened.

5. What is Spook obsessed with?
(a) Women.
(b) Television.
(c) Motorbikes.
(d) His job.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Georgie obsessed with Vinnie?

2. What does Spook like to examine?

3. What do the regulars at Greeks bar do to Spook?

4. Why won't the owner of the bar address Freddie and his group as "Sir"?

5. What are Tommy's true intentions for the end of the night?

Short Essay Questions

1. The novel begins in this place and is frequented by what group?

2. How does Georgie's lifestyle isolated him from others?

3. What does the reader soon realize about the story?

4. What is the moral significance to this story?

5. As the reader begins Baby Makes Three, what kind of story do they assume this to be?

6. What makes the group of hipsters finally decide to stop beating one another up?

7. How do their lives change early on in the story?

8. On the same day as the wedding, what else occurs?

9. What is interesting about Georgie and her mother's relationship?

10. What causes Freddie and his friends to chase after the sailors?

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