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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the hipsters tell the police when they find them beating up a sailor?
(a) The sailor insulted Freddie's wife.
(b) The sailor started the fight.
(c) The sailor was stealing from them.
(d) The sailor took their car.

2. What do the hipsters become scared of?
(a) The cops will hear Georgie screaming.
(b) They think Georgie will kill.
(c) They think Georgie's brother will kill them.
(d) They think that Georgie might go to the police.

3. What starts a fight between the hipsters and the sailors?
(a) Vinnie hits a sailor.
(b) Freddie confronts a sailor.
(c) Freddie hits Rosie.
(d) Rosie hits Freddie.

4. Why doesn't Georgie want to go home?
(a) She thinks her mother will be frightened.
(b) She is afraid her father will be home.
(c) Her brother is at home and makes her life miserable.
(d) She hates being at home with her family.

5. What does Brooklyn show it can have?
(a) An escape for residents.
(b) Fun in the community.
(c) A healthy community.
(d) A community spirit.

Short Answer Questions

1. Ultimately, what does it seem that Tommy gives into?

2. How does Georgie feel about her lifestyle?

3. When did Vinnie begin his criminal activities?

4. How does the first chapter of the book begin?

5. Once Georgie gets to this place, what are most of the people complaining about?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who does not accept Georgie?

2. When the police stop the fight, why does Freddie claim he attacked the solider?

3. What is interesting about Georgie and her mother's relationship?

4. The hipsters cannot get a lot of respect from the other sailors and the bar owner. Why is this?

5. Where does Georgie live?

6. What is the moral significance to this story?

7. What has Georgie struggled to find for most of his life?

8. Who will not return Georgie's feelings?

9. How do their lives change early on in the story?

10. Why does Georgie sleep with Harry?

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