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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What color is Vinnie's son's hair?
(a) Gray.
(b) Brunette.
(c) Red.
(d) Blond.

2. What is the name of the manager at the steel mill?
(a) Mr. Harrington.
(b) Mr. Harris.
(c) Mr. Harrison.
(d) Mr. Harring.

3. Who would Abe like to have a sexual relationship with?
(a) A man named Stanley.
(b) His wife but she is not interested.
(c) A girl named Lucy.
(d) A close family friend.

4. Why is Harry beaten up by Vinnie in his gang?
(a) Harry tried to molest a young boy.
(b) Harry is caught with Vinnie's girl.
(c) Harry offends Vinnie's gang.
(d) Harry tries to beat Vinnie up.

5. Tralala thinks she will get paid a lot of money because ________________.
(a) Harry is buying her dresses and taking her to expensive dinners.
(b) Harry seems to be rich.
(c) She spent a lot of time with Harry.
(d) Harry liked her a lot.

6. What stops Harry Black from continuing to do this?
(a) His son splashes water at him.
(b) His wife walks into the room.
(c) His wife calls him from another room.
(d) The phone rings.

7. What day will they receive the bag of groceries?
(a) On Thursday.
(b) On Fridays.
(c) On Saturdays.
(d) On Monday.

8. Who is his first sexual encounter with a transvestite with?
(a) Rachel.
(b) Rosie.
(c) Alberta.
(d) Ginger.

9. Who do Abe and Nancy choose to take their bitterness out on?
(a) The people they work with.
(b) Their nieghbors.
(c) Their parents.
(d) Their innocent daughter.

10. Is Mike able to provide for his family?
(a) No, his wife must provide for his family.
(b) Yes, but only when he works.
(c) No, he refuses to help her out.
(d) Yes, he gets unemployment.

11. Why does Lucy get very upset by Louis after finding feces in their elevator?
(a) He laughs at the situation instead of trying to fix it.
(b) He tells his wife to be paitent, they will move soon.
(c) He promises to move them out of the neighborhood.
(d) He thinks it is disgusting.

12. What is Nancy missing from her life?
(a) Love from her children.
(b) She wants to be sexual with her husband.
(c) Kindness from her husband.
(d) Her own parents to guide her.

13. What is Tralala's main concern?
(a) How she will ever find Harry again.
(b) Getting out of jail.
(c) If she will ever find love.
(d) How she will make the next dollar.

14. Why does Harry's new girlfriend want to break up with him?
(a) He actually breaks up with her.
(b) She wants to move in with him.
(c) He no longer has money to take her to expensive places.
(d) She wants him to leave his wife.

15. During the strike, what will the union members receive every week?
(a) Clothing for their families.
(b) A money allowance.
(c) A coupon for clothing.
(d) A $10 bag of groceries.

Short Answer Questions

1. Because she is not getting any attention from sailors in Times Square, what does Tralala do?

2. What was Tralala expecting from Harry when they leave one another?

3. What does Mike like to do with his time?

4. What will they do at this location?

5. Harry begins to ask about the transvestites that sometimes hang around Greeks. As Harry begins to question the others what does Vinnie realize?

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