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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Tralala goes to a bar in Times Square. When she sees this prostitute with a lot of men she feels angry.
(a) Rosie.
(b) Annie.
(c) Alberta.
(d) Regina.

2. When Harry treats Tralala like a lady, how does she act in return?
(a) She treats him like a man.
(b) She falls in love with him.
(c) She pretends that she does not feel anything.
(d) Like a lady.

3. While bathing his young son, what does Harry Black begin doing?
(a) Touching his son's penis.
(b) Fantasizing about his wife.
(c) Touching himself.
(d) Fantasizing about other men.

4. Why do all the men in the bar decide to leave?
(a) Tralala is becoming a distraction.
(b) They already have their women they are leaving with.
(c) The bar gets shut down.
(d) Tralala invites them outside to sleep with her.

5. What was Tralala expecting from Harry when they leave one another?
(a) She thought she would get paid a lot of money.
(b) She thought he would stay with her.
(c) She thought he would have given her more money.
(d) She wanted him to declare his love.

6. Why does Tralala become angry with Al and Tony after the robbery?
(a) She is furious they blamed her.
(b) She is mad they were stupid enough to steal from a bookie.
(c) They had told her they only got a couple hundred dollars from the robbery.
(d) She cannot believe they got caught.

7. When Harry leaves to go to his next post, what does he give Tralala?
(a) Money.
(b) A love letter.
(c) A receipt.
(d) A coupon.

8. After months of violence, a fight finally breaks out on the picket lines. What do the police do to keep people in check?
(a) The police side with the union workers.
(b) The union workers turn on the police.
(c) The police hose the fighting men down.
(d) The union workers charge against the truck drivers and police intervene.

9. To many the union members, what type of personality does the President of the union have?
(a) Forceful presence.
(b) Persistent.
(c) Nobel leader.
(d) Very Kind.

10. Who does Lucy wish that her children would stop playing with?
(a) The Hispanic children.
(b) The Mexican children.
(c) The Black children.
(d) The Irish children.

11. What does Ada's character represent?
(a) Innocence.
(b) Powerlessness.
(c) Disdain.
(d) Sadness.

12. How does Tralala's officer act?
(a) An old man.
(b) He acts like a young naive man.
(c) A country bumpkin.
(d) Someone who is very worldly.

13. Who do Al and Tony try to rob money from?
(a) A teacher.
(b) A mob boss.
(c) A business owner.
(d) A bookie.

14. Because of that what does she not have a lot of time for?
(a) Romance.
(b) Empathy or love.
(c) A courtship.
(d) Sex with meaning.

15. Why does Lucy get very upset by Louis after finding feces in their elevator?
(a) He tells his wife to be paitent, they will move soon.
(b) He thinks it is disgusting.
(c) He laughs at the situation instead of trying to fix it.
(d) He promises to move them out of the neighborhood.

Short Answer Questions

1. What theme does Tralala's character introduce into the book?

2. Who is his first sexual encounter with a transvestite with?

3. What does Doggie beg of Tralala?

4. What is Tralala's main concern?

5. Harry begins to ask about the transvestites that sometimes hang around Greeks. As Harry begins to question the others what does Vinnie realize?

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