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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who would Abe like to have a sexual relationship with?
(a) A girl named Lucy.
(b) His wife but she is not interested.
(c) A man named Stanley.
(d) A close family friend.

2. Why does Tralala begin to give her body to anyone?
(a) She wants to fufill her sexual desires.
(b) She is heartbroken when her officer leaves and cannot go on.
(c) She wants to discover what she had with her officer.
(d) She wishes to look better than the other girls.

3. After having sex with his wife, what does Harry do?
(a) Is very satisfied.
(b) Takes a shower to feel better.
(c) Leaves to go pick up other women.
(d) Lays in his bed and cries.

4. What do Vinnie and Mary fight about concerning their son?
(a) How he dresses.
(b) Cutting hair.
(c) Where he will spend the summer.
(d) Where he goes to school.

5. How does Mike reward himself after he changes his child's nappies?
(a) Plays with the child.
(b) Gets a beer.
(c) Goes out with the boys.
(d) Goes to sleep.

6. What is Harry's job when the union goes on strike?
(a) He gets to walk around and hand out information.
(b) To get the union on the same side.
(c) To make sure the entire staff does not work.
(d) Run the union shop and organize pickets.

7. What has caused Harry to lash out and molest the boy?
(a) He wants to warm the boy.
(b) He gets desperate.
(c) He wants to be with young boys.
(d) He repressed his sexual feelings.

8. Where does Harry invite Vinnie, Sal and Malfie to go with him?
(a) To Harry's house.
(b) To Greeks.
(c) To the union shop.
(d) To the steel mill.

9. Who is the first transvestite that Harry takes an interest in?
(a) Georgie.
(b) Alberta.
(c) Ginger.
(d) Rosie.

10. Why is this action an odd thing for Ada to do?
(a) Her husband is dead.
(b) Her husaband has left her for another woman.
(c) She has not seen her husband in years.
(d) Her husband hates her.

11. What does this particular story examine?
(a) The circle of tragedy.
(b) The sadness of life.
(c) The circle of life.
(d) The tragedy of life.

12. Harry begins to forget his problems at home and at his job and begins to ___________.
(a) Slips more into a comatose state.
(b) Not go into work.
(c) Begin spending the union's money.
(d) Sleep on the couch and not with his wife.

13. What does Tralala normally do at Greeks?
(a) She steals money to make it by in life.
(b) She picks up men.
(c) She seduces men in the hopes they will marry her.
(d) She picks up men and then steals their money.

14. What does Mike like to prove to the rest of his friends?
(a) He shows he is a good father.
(b) He makes enough money to support his family.
(c) He shows that although he makes no money, he is still in charge.
(d) He can keep living the life he had before loosing his job.

15. As the strike continues, what happens to the workers' feelings about the strike?
(a) They grow tired of Harry.
(b) They get restless because they are not getting paid.
(c) They get more excited because they will get more money.
(d) They get violent with one another.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Tralala's officer act?

2. Why does Harry's new girlfriend want to break up with him?

3. Why does Doggie go after Tralala outside?

4. What is the name of the bar that Harry begins to visit?

5. What was Tralala expecting from Harry when they leave one another?

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