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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does everyone seem to be doing?
(a) Making better lives for themselves.
(b) Trying to get ahead in life.
(c) Putting their way of life above each other.
(d) Bringing each other down.

2. What does Rosie ask Freddie for?
(a) $1.00
(b) $3.00
(c) For $.50.
(d) $2.00

3. In this story, what does it seem that people do to one another?
(a) People want to help one another.
(b) They respect all life.
(c) They put each other's lives ahead of others.
(d) They hope to help other's children.

4. Who does Georgie call to come to the party that has begun?
(a) Her brother.
(b) Her drug dealer.
(c) Vinnie and his friends.
(d) Other drag queen friends.

5. What really ends up happening to Tommy?
(a) He goes home with his friends.
(b) He goes home with another woman.
(c) He wanders around drunk.
(d) He passes out at the party.

6. To help his daughter what does Suzy's father do?
(a) Gives her money.
(b) Pays for an elaborate wedding.
(c) Reserves a hall for Tommy and Suzy to get married in.
(d) Makes Tommy swear to marry her.

7. Who does Vinnie end up choosing?
(a) Alberta.
(b) Ginger.
(c) Georgie.
(d) Camille.

8. How do Freddie and the gang leave the sailor?
(a) Bloodied and wounded.
(b) Sad and ignored.
(c) Prideless.
(d) Lying in a pool of vomit and blood.

9. What do the hippies think of the music that the sailors play?
(a) They think it is very "square."
(b) They enjoy it.
(c) They hate the sailors but like their music.
(d) They like the music and the sailors.

10. What kind of relationship do Rosie and Freddie have?
(a) They occassionally sleep together.
(b) Rosie is Freddie's sister.
(c) Freddie is Rosie's pimp.
(d) They have been dating for 3 years.

11. Where is the ceremony performed?
(a) Grand Hall.
(b) Borough Hall.
(c) Greeks.
(d) At Murphy's Hall.

12. What does Tommy really enjoy doing?
(a) Having a drink with friends.
(b) Working on his bike.
(c) Going for rides on his motorbike with Suzy.
(d) Going to work.

13. What does Spook carry around with him?
(a) A motorbike helmet.
(b) Spare parts for a bike.
(c) His license to drive.
(d) His little black book.

14. What is Georgie failing to address about her life and her true feelings?
(a) Her lonliness.
(b) Her want of a relationship in her life.
(c) Her urge to be "normal."
(d) Her desire for life.

15. When did Vinnie begin his criminal activities?
(a) At 10.
(b) At the age of 12.
(c) At 20.
(d) At the age of 19.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does she hope she can find there?

2. What do the hipsters try to clean Georgie's wound with?

3. When Vinnie left prison, how did he feel?

4. Why do the others laugh at Spook's bike?

5. What does Brooklyn show it can have?

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