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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the reader wonder about regarding the environment this child will grow up in?
(a) Will it be stable?
(b) Will it be rich?
(c) Will the parents stay together?
(d) Will it be loving?

2. How does the first chapter of the book begin?
(a) Asking the reader for forgiveness.
(b) With an story.
(c) With a message from the author.
(d) With a quote from the Bible.

3. After the party has gotten out of control, where must everyone relocate to?
(a) Georgie's place.
(b) Ginger's place.
(c) Vinnie's apartment.
(d) Miss Tony's apartment.

4. Who does Georgie call to come to the party that has begun?
(a) Other drag queen friends.
(b) Her brother.
(c) Vinnie and his friends.
(d) Her drug dealer.

5. Why won't the owner of the bar address Freddie and his group as "Sir"?
(a) He does not think they value themseleves.
(b) He does not respect the unemployed group.
(c) He does not like the hipsters.
(d) They are always rude to him.

6. Once Georgie gets to this place, what are most of the people complaining about?
(a) They have run out of alcohol.
(b) They have mostly run out of drugs.
(c) That there are so many drag queen prostitutes.
(d) They (the drag queens) are sad that there are no men there to flirt with.

7. At this new location, how do all the men begin to feel about the transvestites?
(a) They do not care either way about them.
(b) Extremely attracted.
(c) They see them as more attractive.
(d) They want women instead of drag queens.

8. What does the author think that Georgie and her mother's relationship is?
(a) Very strong.
(b) Aggravating.
(c) Too dependent on one another.
(d) Self destructive.

9. What does everyone seem to be doing?
(a) Bringing each other down.
(b) Trying to get ahead in life.
(c) Putting their way of life above each other.
(d) Making better lives for themselves.

10. Who likes to hang out at the Greeks?
(a) Prostitute, hipsters and sailors.
(b) Prostitutes and sailors.
(c) Sailors and hipsters.
(d) Hipsters and sailors.

11. Who do the sailors think the hipsters sympathize with?
(a) Black people.
(b) Multiracial people.
(c) Hispanics.
(d) Asians.

12. What does the Bible passage create for the beginning of the story?
(a) Sets the mood or tone.
(b) Create anger in the characters.
(c) It creates the novel's moral center.
(d) Makes the reader bored.

13. Outside of Greeks one night, Georgie tries to describe her feelings for Vinnie. What does Vinnie do?
(a) He embraces her.
(b) He teases her.
(c) He tells her he loves her.
(d) He tells Georgie to get lost.

14. Why do the others laugh at Spook's bike?
(a) Because it is a police bike it will not last long.
(b) He trips and falls.
(c) Because he is annoying like a little child.
(d) He crashes his bike the first day.

15. What does Tommy really enjoy doing?
(a) Going for rides on his motorbike with Suzy.
(b) Working on his bike.
(c) Having a drink with friends.
(d) Going to work.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the hipsters tell the police when they find them beating up a sailor?

2. What does Spook carry around with him?

3. What do the hippies think of the music that the sailors play?

4. What do the regulars at Greeks bar do to Spook?

5. When did Vinnie begin his criminal activities?

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