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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does he react to the news?
(a) He is overcome with sadness.
(b) He hates her decisions.
(c) He is angry but then happy he has a grandson.
(d) He wants to be at the wedding.

2. Georgie waits for her mother to fall asleep so that she can go where?
(a) To Goldie's house.
(b) To Vinnies.
(c) To the market.
(d) Out with Regina.

3. What makes the violence in the novel the most shocking?
(a) The way that Selby writes it.
(b) Vinnie's cunning ability.
(c) Women partake in it.
(d) The brutality of Selby.

4. At this new location, how do all the men begin to feel about the transvestites?
(a) Extremely attracted.
(b) They see them as more attractive.
(c) They do not care either way about them.
(d) They want women instead of drag queens.

5. Why is Georgie obsessed with Vinnie?
(a) Vinnie constantly leads Georgie on.
(b) Vinnie is very handsome.
(c) Vinnie has confessed he has feelings for Georgie.
(d) He is sometimes nice to her, so she remembers that.

6. What does Georgie beg Vinnie to do?
(a) Take her to her friend's house.
(b) Take her to the hospital.
(c) Kiss her to make things better.
(d) To take her home.

7. Why does Shelby think that people participate in violence?
(a) Boredom.
(b) They need entertainment.
(c) Because they cannot control their anger.
(d) They hate one another.

8. How do Freddie and the gang leave the sailor?
(a) Sad and ignored.
(b) Prideless.
(c) Lying in a pool of vomit and blood.
(d) Bloodied and wounded.

9. What do the hippies think of the music that the sailors play?
(a) They like the music and the sailors.
(b) They think it is very "square."
(c) They hate the sailors but like their music.
(d) They enjoy it.

10. What could have stopped Tommy from making a bad decision?
(a) Talking to Spook.
(b) Going home with Spook.
(c) Going for a ride with Spook.
(d) Getting a ride to Spook's apartment.

11. What do Suzie and Tommy end up having?
(a) A boy and a girl.
(b) A baby boy.
(c) A girl.
(d) Identical twins.

12. What does this do to Georgie?
(a) She feels excited.
(b) She is resigned to his decision.
(c) Makes her sad. She takes more drugs to feel better.
(d) She vows to keep trying.

13. What has Georgie taken that makes her a little numb to the pain?
(a) Dope.
(b) Benzedrine.
(c) Cocaine.
(d) Weed.

14. What do the sailors view the hipsters as?
(a) Losers.
(b) Idiots.
(c) Pests.
(d) Yankees.

15. What seems to happen a lot in the neighborhood in Brooklyn?
(a) Many men are sent off to war.
(b) A lot of senseless violence.
(c) Many children are killed.
(d) The community is very close.

Short Answer Questions

1. What really ends up happening to Tommy?

2. At the bike shops, what does Spook often do?

3. What do the hipsters try to clean Georgie's wound with?

4. What does Spook carry around with him?

5. At the end of the night, where does Suzy go?

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