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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the reader think would have happened to the solider, had a police officer not stopped the beating?
(a) The sailor would have overcome his abusers.
(b) Someone would have died.
(c) The gang would have gone to jail for killing.
(d) The sailors would have killed the hipsters.

2. What does everyone seem to be doing?
(a) Putting their way of life above each other.
(b) Bringing each other down.
(c) Making better lives for themselves.
(d) Trying to get ahead in life.

3. What is Georgie failing to address about her life and her true feelings?
(a) Her want of a relationship in her life.
(b) Her desire for life.
(c) Her lonliness.
(d) Her urge to be "normal."

4. What do the sailors decide to do?
(a) They run away from the fight.
(b) Get the police.
(c) Go back inside the bar.
(d) Join the fight.

5. What do Suzie and Tommy end up having?
(a) Identical twins.
(b) A baby boy.
(c) A boy and a girl.
(d) A girl.

6. What do the hipsters try to clean Georgie's wound with?
(a) Liquid Asprin.
(b) Rubbing Alcohol.
(c) Iodine.
(d) Whiskey.

7. When this group runs out of things to talk about, what do they end up doing?
(a) Becoming angry with one another.
(b) Create violence.
(c) Going home.
(d) Getting desperate.

8. What kind of relationship do Rosie and Freddie have?
(a) Rosie is Freddie's sister.
(b) Freddie is Rosie's pimp.
(c) They occassionally sleep together.
(d) They have been dating for 3 years.

9. What does she hope she can find there?
(a) Some support from her friends.
(b) More drugs.
(c) More alcohol.
(d) Some peace.

10. What does Georgie beg Vinnie to do?
(a) To take her home.
(b) Take her to her friend's house.
(c) Take her to the hospital.
(d) Kiss her to make things better.

11. What does Brooklyn show it can have?
(a) Fun in the community.
(b) A community spirit.
(c) An escape for residents.
(d) A healthy community.

12. How does he react to the news?
(a) He is overcome with sadness.
(b) He wants to be at the wedding.
(c) He is angry but then happy he has a grandson.
(d) He hates her decisions.

13. How does Spook react to their laughter?
(a) He ignores it because he is so happy with his new bike.
(b) He is saddened by it.
(c) He wishes they could be happy for him.
(d) He ignores them because he knows they are jealous.

14. Outside of Greeks one night, Georgie tries to describe her feelings for Vinnie. What does Vinnie do?
(a) He tells Georgie to get lost.
(b) He embraces her.
(c) He tells her he loves her.
(d) He teases her.

15. At the wedding celebration, who makes him or herself well known to everyone at the party?
(a) Regina.
(b) Georgie.
(c) Roberta.
(d) Ginger.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Georgie call to come to the party that has begun?

2. Why was Vinnie given so many chances to lead a good, criminal free life?

3. How would people describe the ceremony?

4. What doesn't he notice about his daughter until it is too late?

5. What is the violence in the novel equal to?

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