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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part V. The Strike..

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the end of the novel, what does Tommy give in to?
(a) Spook's incompetence.
(b) Peer pressure.
(c) His mother's will.
(d) Suzie's demands.

2. Why was Vinnie given so many chances to lead a good, criminal free life?
(a) Everyone thought he was too young to be committing the crimes he was accused of.
(b) His older brothers made sure to take the fall.
(c) Vinnie comes from a very prominent Brooklyn family.
(d) His family had a connection in the courts.

3. As the strike continues, what happens to the workers' feelings about the strike?
(a) They get more excited because they will get more money.
(b) They get restless because they are not getting paid.
(c) They grow tired of Harry.
(d) They get violent with one another.

4. What does the reader wonder about regarding the environment this child will grow up in?
(a) Will it be stable?
(b) Will it be rich?
(c) Will the parents stay together?
(d) Will it be loving?

5. Obviously, what kind of life has she led?
(a) An exciting life.
(b) A very difficult one because she has become a prostitute.
(c) An easy life. Just recently have things turned for the worst.
(d) A mediocre life.

Short Answer Questions

1. To many the union members, what type of personality does the President of the union have?

2. After months of violence, a fight finally breaks out on the picket lines. What do the police do to keep people in check?

3. Who is his first sexual encounter with a transvestite with?

4. What really ends up happening to Tommy?

5. What do Suzie and Tommy end up having?

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