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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part IV: Tralala..

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tommy really enjoy doing?
(a) Going for rides on his motorbike with Suzy.
(b) Having a drink with friends.
(c) Working on his bike.
(d) Going to work.

2. What is the second reason that people participate in violence?
(a) They need something to fixate on.
(b) There are too many fractions divinding people.
(c) They hate those who rule them.
(d) They hate themselves.

3. What really ends up happening to Tommy?
(a) He wanders around drunk.
(b) He passes out at the party.
(c) He goes home with another woman.
(d) He goes home with his friends.

4. What does the author think that Georgie and her mother's relationship is?
(a) Too dependent on one another.
(b) Aggravating.
(c) Very strong.
(d) Self destructive.

5. After a week of looking, Tralala becomes very unhappy. What doesn't she realize?
(a) Who she is sleeping with or why she is sleeping with them.
(b) That people are talking about her.
(c) Who is taking advantage of her.
(d) How she can change her life.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Harry leaves to go to his next post, what does he give Tralala?

2. What theme does Tralala's character introduce into the book?

3. Ultimately, what does it seem that Tommy gives into?

4. How does Tralala express all of her needs?

5. What does Brooklyn show it can have?

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