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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part V. The Strike..

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Harry's new girlfriend want to break up with him?
(a) She wants to move in with him.
(b) She wants him to leave his wife.
(c) He no longer has money to take her to expensive places.
(d) He actually breaks up with her.

2. What do the hipsters become scared of?
(a) They think Georgie's brother will kill them.
(b) The cops will hear Georgie screaming.
(c) They think Georgie will kill.
(d) They think that Georgie might go to the police.

3. At home, how does Georgie's mother feel about Georgie's life choices?
(a) She still loves Georgie because she is her son no matter what.
(b) She hates Georgie for being gay.
(c) She loves her son, but not the woman he pretends to be.
(d) She hates her son for dressing like a woman.

4. What is Harry's job when the union goes on strike?
(a) To get the union on the same side.
(b) To make sure the entire staff does not work.
(c) He gets to walk around and hand out information.
(d) Run the union shop and organize pickets.

5. What does the reader wonder about regarding the environment this child will grow up in?
(a) Will it be loving?
(b) Will it be stable?
(c) Will it be rich?
(d) Will the parents stay together?

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tommy really enjoy doing?

2. When did he finally go into a correctional institution?

3. At the end of the night, where does Suzy go?

4. How does he react to the news?

5. Harry begins to ask about the transvestites that sometimes hang around Greeks. As Harry begins to question the others what does Vinnie realize?

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