Objects & Places from Last Exit to Brooklyn

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This is a bar in Brooklyn frequented by prostitutes, transvestites, sailors and young hipsters.


This is the bar in Brooklyn where Tralala is taken outside for group sex.


This is the area in New York where most of the novel takes place.

Times Square

Tralala goes to this area in the hope she will find rich officers.

Spook's Police Bike

Spook buys this and is very excited.

Miss Tony's House

Georgina and her friends go here after they are thrown out of Sheila's house.

Shelia's House

This is the place where Georgina and her friends initially hold their party.


This is the drug of choice for most of the characters. It is purchased at normal drugstores.

Murphy's Hall

This is where Tommy and Suzy hold their wedding reception.


This is a bar in...

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