Last Exit to Brooklyn Multiple Choice Test Questions

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Part One: Another Day Another Dollar.

1. How does the first chapter of the book begin?
(a) Asking the reader for forgiveness.
(b) With a quote from the Bible.
(c) With an story.
(d) With a message from the author.

2. What seems to happen a lot in the neighborhood in Brooklyn?
(a) A lot of senseless violence.
(b) Many children are killed.
(c) Many men are sent off to war.
(d) The community is very close.

3. Who likes to hang out at the Greeks?
(a) Prostitutes and sailors.
(b) Sailors and hipsters.
(c) Prostitute, hipsters and sailors.
(d) Hipsters and sailors.

4. What do Freddie and their friends consider themselves?
(a) Sailors.
(b) Lonely in their lives.
(c) Smart.
(d) Hipsters.

5. Why won't the owner of the bar address Freddie and his group as "Sir"?
(a) They are always rude to him.
(b) He does not like the hipsters.
(c) He does not respect the unemployed group.
(d) He does not think they value themseleves.

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