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Lesson 1 (from Part One: Another Day Another Dollar.)


One the of major themes of this section is violence. The author thinks that people partake in violence for two reasons: boredom and too many factions fighting against one another. He uses the story to explain how violence erupts because of these two reasons throughout the story.


1. Bring in a recent newspaper article that describes a very violent situation. Then:

-Summarize the article.

-State whether or not you thought the violent was senseless or provoked.

- What could have been done to diffuse the situation.

2. Give one example of how senseless violence erupts in this first story.

Give one example of how violence erupts because there are too many groups tearing the whole apart.

3. Describe the factions that exist in the story so far. In this first story, how do the factions work against each other to cause violence and unrest in their neighborhood of...

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