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Create your own motorbike

- Draw a picture of Spook's motorbike using whatever materials you would like.

- Draw a picture of a motorbike you would like to own using whatever materials you would like.

1950s Dress

The stories are set in the 1950s.

Research what men and women of the time chose to wear.

Create your own 1950s costume.

Create a skit

Create a skit out of one of the stories.

Get a group of students together and write your own script for the story of your choice.

Act out your skit for the rest of the class.

Baby Makes Three

Having a baby can completely change a persons' life.

Interview someone who has recently had a class. Interview them so you can get a chance to see what having a child is like.

Field Trip to Brooklyn

Take an imaginary field trip to Brooklyn.

In order...

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