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Part One: Another Day Another Dollar.

• The novel begins at Greeks bar in Brooklyn. This is where the hipsters and sailors hang out.

• There are tensions at the bar because the hipsters and sailors do not get along.

• Hipsters do not have jobs and like to cause trouble, while the sailors are ruled by regulations.

• At the bar, Freddie talks to Rosie, a prostitute. She asks him for money and he hits her.
• The sailors see the interaction and make fun of them.

• Freddie and his gang go after the sailor and beat him up.

• The beating does not stop until the police stop the hipsters.
• The story examines senseless violence in the neighborhood of Brooklyn.

• All the hoodlums such as Vinnie and Sal are unemployed and looking for something to do.

• Selby suggests the violence happens in America because the country is split into too many factions...

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