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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mara picture as Luke faces his clone in a lightsaber battle?
(a) The Emperor's death.
(b) Luke's first battle with Vader.
(c) The destruction of the first Death Star.
(d) Obi-Wan's battle with Vader.

2. What does Karrde use to expose Ferrier's guilt?
(a) Ferrier's ignorance.
(b) Ferrier's vehemence.
(c) Ferrier's silence.
(d) Ferrier's repeated absence.

3. Who does Wedge work with to create a diversion in Chapter 28?
(a) Aves.
(b) Admiral Ackbar.
(c) Bel Iblis.
(d) General Rieekan.

4. How does Mara agree to Luke's explanation of the Emperor's death?
(a) Reluctantly.
(b) Sadly.
(c) Harshly.
(d) Nonchalantly.

5. Which droid does Leia notice near the ch'hala trees in the Grand Corridor?
(a) TC-14.
(b) R5-D4.
(c) MN-2E.
(d) R4-P17.

6. According to the information retrieved in Chapter 17, how many Star Destroyers are nearly complete at Ord Trasi?
(a) Three.
(b) Two.
(c) Four.
(d) Five.

7. What addition to Luke's offer does C'baoth insist on?
(a) That Mara becomes his apprentice.
(b) That the clones are not destroyed.
(c) That the Rebels surrender.
(d) That Leia becomes his apprentice.

8. Why does Leia initially tell Karrde he cannot land on Coruscant?
(a) The cloaked asteroids are a threat.
(b) The Imperial ships may also get through if the shield is lowered.
(c) The landing docks are full.
(d) The landing docks have been deactivated.

9. What happens when Han tries to fire his blaster at C'baoth?
(a) It bounces off of the walls.
(b) C'baoth blocks it.
(c) The blaster does not fire.
(d) It wounds C'baoth.

10. How long is the battle at Xa Fel before the Rebels retreat?
(a) Fifty hours.
(b) Forty hours.
(c) Twenty hours.
(d) Thirty hours.

11. Whose lightsaber does Mara use to destroy Luke's clone?
(a) Her own.
(b) C'baoth's.
(c) Luke's.
(d) Leia's.

12. How many Jedi minds does C'baoth plan to rebuild and control?
(a) Hundreds.
(b) Tens of thousands.
(c) Dozens.
(d) Thousands.

13. What is the name of Luke's clone?
(a) Luuke.
(b) Luke 2.
(c) Luke the Second.
(d) Lukke.

14. Where are the most important officers standing as Leia makes her way through the hallway in the fourteenth chapter?
(a) On the left side.
(b) In the middle.
(c) On the right side.
(d) In a room that is adjacent to the hallway.

15. What contract offer does Par'tah receive from the Empire?
(a) Carrying vehicles to transports.
(b) Carrying speeder parts to warehouses.
(c) Carrying clone parts to warehouses.
(d) Carrying engines to shipyards.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who analyzes Karrde's data cards after he surrenders them?

2. How many potential asteroids could the Rebels be faced with finding after Thrawn shatters them?

3. What is the main topic of the discussion between Luke and Mara on their way to Mt. Tantiss in Chapter 19?

4. What promise does Luke make to Mara in Chapter 24?

5. Who shuts down the mountain's intake systems, helping Luke to see ahead?

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