The Last Command Character Descriptions

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Grand Admiral Thrawn

This character has been commander of the Empire's efforts to destroy the Rebellion for six years before The Last Command opens, and this character is sparingly described as having blue-black eyebrows, glowing red eyes, and wearing a white uniform.

Master Joruus C'baoth

A clone of a long-dead Jedi Knight, this character is often said to be far more evil than the previous villains. This character is obsessed with cloning and controlling the Jedi.

Luke Skywalker and Luuke Skywalker

This is the central character of the Star Wars saga and the most well known Jedi Knight who uses the Force to battle the Empire once again.

Princess/Counselor Leia Organa Solo

A native of the destroyed planet Alderaan, this person is the successor of an original leader of the Rebellion. This character is married with twins and averts a number of capture attempts while offering advice...

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