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Short Answer Questions

1. In the chapter Here Be Chickens, Adam and Carwardine board a boat that was a twenty-three-foot fishing vessel called the ________.

2. Mark Carwardine states that the "________ is an incredibly complex system, but when you're actually standing in it, it looks half-empty."

3. What guide did Adams and Carwardine expect to have in the chapter Here Be Chickens?

4. What term did Adam heard bandied about by New Zealand zoologists, and they had bandied it about so casually that he did not want to say the he hadn't the faintest idea what they were talking about?

5. According to Adams, what species is one of man's closest living relatives?

Short Essay Questions

1. What confession does Adams make in Heartbeats in the Night?

2. Describe the Komodo dragons found in chapter Here Be Chickens.

3. Analyze the title of Heartbeats in the Night.

4. Analyze and describe the Kakapo.

5. Define primary rain forest and its importance to the ecological system.

6. Are Komodo dragons man-eaters? Explain.

7. Explain Dr. Struan Sutherland's answer to the question: What does one do when bitten by a poisonous snake?

8. Compare and contrast Adams' view of Bali to that of David Attenborough's.

9. Discuss the French control over Madagascar and the spelling of Antananarivo.

10. Analyze Don Merton as described by Adams in Heartbeats in the Night.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Clearly identify the connection between the term "assumptions" and the chapter Blind Panic.

Essay Topic 2

In a well-organized essay, compare and contrast an endangered species to a threatened species. Use specific examples from the text to support your essay.

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast endemic to exotic species. Discuss the benefits and detriments of both, giving examples from the book to support your statements.

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