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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Richard Lewis' profession?
(a) Zoologist.
(b) Neurologist.
(c) Ornithologist
(d) Paleontologist.

2. How much was the old beggar woman asking for in return for a single book at the end of Sifting Through the Embers?
(a) 16 sacks of gold.
(b) 6 sacks of gold.
(c) 20 sacks of diamonds.
(d) 10 sacks of diamonds.

3. What was a mining product used in producing t toothpaste, iron and steel casting, and also as an additive for pig food?
(a) Fluoride.
(b) Bentonite.
(c) Menthol.
(d) Xylitol.

4. Adams states in chapter Blind Panic that everyone in China rides ________.
(a) SUVs.
(b) Bicycles.
(c) Mini-vans.
(d) Sports cars.

5. What was the name of the man who gets passengers in his Land Rover to answer questions by watching them rather than the dangerous road until they respond?
(a) John Clements.
(b) Roberto Lira.
(c) Richard Lewis.
(d) Jurgen Langer.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the chapter Blind Panic, Adams and Carwardine made a diversion to see an ________ farm, from which they got chased by police on the grounds that they didn't have appropriate permits.

2. Adams and Carwardine entered the Tiananmen Square on ________.

3. Professor Zhou said that ________ in the Yangtze was a major problem for the baiji dolphins, and severely interfered with their echolocation.

4. The trips found in Last Chance to See were recorded for ________.

5. What was the strange person carrying with them in the beginning of the story the Sibylline books?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain how Round Island has remained a refuge for unique species as described in the chapter Rare, or Medium Rare.

2. What odd thing did Adams notice while in China that he describes in the chapter Blind Panic?

3. Analyze the two new species of lemur found in Madagascar, according to the chapter Mark's Epilogue.

4. Define the term "exotic species." Explain why a disaster usually is the result when species is introduced from abroad.

5. Why do the people of the city say that the old beggar woman can't be very wise or knowledgeable? Explain.

6. What is Mark Carwardine's response to the question: "Was this really our last chance to see these animals?"

7. What occurs when they send the old beggar woman away?

8. Describe and identify Pink as detailed in the chapter Rare, or Medium Rare.

9. Analyze the Tiananmen Gate.

10. According to the chapter Rare, or Medium Rare, what happened to Reunion Island? Explain.

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