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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the name of the spectacular remnant of the days when Shanghai was one of the most glamorous and cosmopolitan ports in the world?
(a) The Hilton Hotel.
(b) The Four Seasons Hotel.
(c) The Hampton Hotel.
(d) The Peace Hotel.

2. The chapter Blind Panic explains that the baiji dolphin was first discovered in ________.
(a) Dong Ting Lake.
(b) Lugu Lake.
(c) Baiyangdian Lake.
(d) Xingkai Lake.

3. What animal does not breed well in captivity, according to Carwardine in Mark's Epilogue?
(a) Kinkajous.
(b) Northern White rhino.
(c) Savannah Monitors.
(d) Three Toed Box turtles.

4. What does Adams claim to be the most famous of all the animals on Mauritius?
(a) Bush baby.
(b) Aardvark.
(c) Meerkat.
(d) Gentle dove.

5. What was Richard Lewis' profession?
(a) Zoologist.
(b) Ornithologist
(c) Paleontologist.
(d) Neurologist.

Short Answer Questions

1. Adams explains that all the history of China is symbolically focused at the ________.

2. When did Chairman Mao proclaim the founding of the People's Republic of China?

3. Mark Carwardine explains that ring-tailed lemurs have scent glands in their ________.

4. All of the following animals are mentioned in the book, Last Chance to See, except for which of the following?

5. The Chapter Rare, or Medium Rare states that in the Indian Ocean on an island called Mauritius there was a very rare bird, perhaps the rarest of all ________, called the Mauritius Kestrel.

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