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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Adams and Carwardine also received a letter from Kes Hillman-Smith in Zaire, saying that ________ baby Northern White rhinos had been born in Garamba since they left, bringing the total population up to ________.
(a) 8 / 20.
(b) 3 / 25.
(c) 4 / 8.
(d) 10 / 11.

2. The chapter Blind Panic explains that the baiji dolphin was first discovered in ________.
(a) Baiyangdian Lake.
(b) Dong Ting Lake.
(c) Xingkai Lake.
(d) Lugu Lake.

3. After being rejected by the towns people, the old beggar woman burned ________ books.
(a) 9.
(b) 3.
(c) 6.
(d) 2.

4. What was the name of the sugar estate's elderly gatekeeper and eccentric Mauritian who would not let anybody through his gate without a permit?
(a) Jerry.
(b) John.
(c) James.
(d) Jeff.

5. In November ________, Carl found a parakeet nest with three eggs inside.
(a) 1999.
(b) 1991.
(c) 1984.
(d) 1989.

6. After being rejected by the townsmen for the second time, the old beggar woman burned how many more books?
(a) 1.
(b) 5.
(c) 3.
(d) 2.

7. Adams states in chapter Blind Panic that everyone in China rides ________.
(a) Mini-vans.
(b) Sports cars.
(c) Bicycles.
(d) SUVs.

8. According to Richard Lewis, how many echo parakeets are there in the wild?
(a) 7438.
(b) 1000.
(c) 200.
(d) 15.

9. According to Carwardine, the population of the Wild Pink pigeons on Mauritius had ________.
(a) Increased to over 50.
(b) Hit zero.
(c) Stayed the same.
(d) Dropped to fewer than 10.

10. According to Adams in the first sentence of chapter Blind Panic, ________ are the things you don't know you're making.
(a) Procrastination.
(b) Assumptions.
(c) Excuses.
(d) Lies.

11. Carl Jones expresses that he hates ________ in the chapter Rare, or Medium Rare.
(a) Media people.
(b) Dogs.
(c) Englishmen.
(d) Cats.

12. What was the name of the spectacular remnant of the days when Shanghai was one of the most glamorous and cosmopolitan ports in the world?
(a) The Four Seasons Hotel.
(b) The Peace Hotel.
(c) The Hilton Hotel.
(d) The Hampton Hotel.

13. Mark Carwardine says that Mauritius was originally colonized by the _______.
(a) Russians.
(b) Germans.
(c) French.
(d) Dutch.

14. ________ nest is the first encouraging sign that the kakapo project is actually working according to Mark's Epilogue.
(a) Sara's.
(b) Emma's.
(c) Jennifer's.
(d) Heather's.

15. What was Richard Lewis' profession?
(a) Ornithologist
(b) Paleontologist.
(c) Neurologist.
(d) Zoologist.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Adams wrote Last Chance to See, there were ________ human beings on earth.

2. What was the name of the man who gets passengers in his Land Rover to answer questions by watching them rather than the dangerous road until they respond?

3. The Chapter Rare, or Medium Rare states that in the Indian Ocean on an island called Mauritius there was a very rare bird, perhaps the rarest of all ________, called the Mauritius Kestrel.

4. What was the name of the brilliant, but mad Welshman in his late 30s, who loves birds to the point of obsession?

5. What was the name of the Mauritius kestrel who was in love with Carl Jones?

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