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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Adams explains that all the history of China is symbolically focused at the ________.
(a) Summer Palace.
(b) Great Wall.
(c) Tiananmen Square.
(d) Reed Flute Cave.

2. Adams and Carwardine went to Rodrigues Island to look for what animal?
(a) Fruit bats.
(b) Spider monkey.
(c) Elegant frog.
(d) Three-toed sloth.

3. A unique feature revealed by Adams about the baiji is that it is half ________.
(a) Reptile.
(b) Deaf.
(c) Blind.
(d) Amphibian.

4. Why did Adams and Carwardine need to buy a condom in chapter Blind Panic?
(a) To protect their food against bugs.
(b) To have a souvenir.
(c) To use as protection.
(d) To go over the microphone to record dolphins.

5. What was the name of the Mauritius kestrel who was in love with Carl Jones?
(a) Flappy.
(b) Blue.
(c) Tweetie.
(d) Pink.

6. Mark Carwardine explains that the ________, which was once the most common bird that ever lived on earth was hunted to extinction in little more than fifty years.
(a) Passenger pigeon.
(b) Flying Squirrels.
(c) African Clawed Frogs.
(d) Chinese Water Dragons.

7. Adams reveals that both Richard and Carl's first obsession was for ________.
(a) Television.
(b) Appearance..
(c) Birds.
(d) Shoes.

8. On Little Barrier Island, several of the males there had been booming for the first time, including a nine-year-old called ________, according to Mark's Epilogue.
(a) Andi.
(b) Skipper.
(c) Bisquit.
(d) Snark.

9. Mark explains that, "There are so many threatened animals around the world that, at the rate of ________ every ________ weeks, it would have taken Douglas and me more than three hundred years to search for them all."
(a) 2 / 10.
(b) 3 / 3.
(c) 90 / 8.
(d) 1 / 3.

10. Don Merton phoned Carwardine to tell him that a newly made kakapo nest had been found on ________.
(a) China.
(b) Zaire.
(c) Little Barrier Island.
(d) Stewart Island.

11. What was the strange person carrying with them in the beginning of the story the Sibylline books?
(a) 5 green apples.
(b) 22 Bibles.
(c) 3 bags of gold.
(d) 12 large books.

12. Adams discovers that condoms are referred to as a ________ in China.
(a) Rubber-over.
(b) Safety glove.
(c) Love glove.
(d) Sock.

13. The Chapter Rare, or Medium Rare states that in the Indian Ocean on an island called Mauritius there was a very rare bird, perhaps the rarest of all ________, called the Mauritius Kestrel.
(a) Falcons.
(b) Sparrows.
(c) Eagles.
(d) Hawks.

14. Adams and Carwardine also received a letter from Kes Hillman-Smith in Zaire, saying that ________ baby Northern White rhinos had been born in Garamba since they left, bringing the total population up to ________.
(a) 3 / 25.
(b) 4 / 8.
(c) 10 / 11.
(d) 8 / 20.

15. Adams and Carwardine entered the Tiananmen Square on ________.
(a) October 1988.
(b) January 1982.
(c) July 1990.
(d) August 1972.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the chapter Blind Panic, Adams and Carwardine made a diversion to see an ________ farm, from which they got chased by police on the grounds that they didn't have appropriate permits.

2. When did Chairman Mao proclaim the founding of the People's Republic of China?

3. Adams explains that in the thirties, the Peace Hotel was known as the ________.

4. What is the name of a plant or animal that is native to an island or region and is found nowhere else at all?

5. What was a mining product used in producing t toothpaste, iron and steel casting, and also as an additive for pig food?

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