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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What term did Adam heard bandied about by New Zealand zoologists, and they had bandied it about so casually that he did not want to say the he hadn't the faintest idea what they were talking about?
(a) Convergent evolution.
(b) Checks and balances.
(c) Track and bowl system.
(d) Dashed unit ball.

2. Who knows more about Kakapos than anyone else in the world, according to Adams?
(a) Jean-Jacques Petter.
(b) Doreen Montgomery.
(c) Don Merton.
(d) Chen Peixun.

3. Who was the charming man with a squarish face, a shock of wavy black hair, and a thick black mustache that sat on his lip like a bar of chocolate?
(a) Robert.
(b) Kiri.
(c) Mr. Condo.
(d) Frederick.

4. The narrator explains in Twig Technology that monkeys are ambitious and interested in all sorts of things, especially ________, with which they found they could do all kinds of things that they couldn't do by themselves.
(a) Rocks.
(b) Twigs.
(c) Grass.
(d) Trees.

5. Carwardine told Adams before going to bed in the chapter, Leopard-skin Pillbox Hat, to turn his boots upside-down and shake them in the morning for what reason?
(a) Spiders.
(b) Snakes.
(c) Scorpions.
(d) Ticks.

6. Who was the man in Melbourne who Adams claim knew more about poisonous snakes than anyone else on earth?
(a) Dr. Jean Astruc.
(b) Dr. Struan Sutherland.
(c) Dr. Charles R. Drew.
(d) Dr. Christiaan Barnard

7. Twig Technology says that the Kakapo lives in what country?
(a) New Finland.
(b) New Amsterdam.
(c) New Guinea.
(d) New Zealand.

8. What term was used Heartbeats of the Night to describe an animal who doesn't like other animals?
(a) Solitary creature.
(b) Bashful creature.
(c) Shy creature.
(d) Lonely creature.

9. What was the name of the BBC sound engineer that accompanied Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine?
(a) John Fontana.
(b) Chris Muir.
(c) Liu Renjun.
(d) Robert Giusti.

10. Douglas Adams explains that "one of the characteristics that laymen find most odd about zoologists is their insatiable enthusiasm for ________."
(a) Animal fossils.
(b) Animal hair.
(c) Animal droppings.
(d) Animal breeding.

11. According to the agent at the Merpati Airlines, there were ________ people booked on Adams and Carwardine's return flight to Bali.
(a) 2.
(b) 4.
(c) 8.
(d) 1.

12. In Twig Technology, the narrator details how his airplane, full of ________ descendants arrived at ________ airport.
(a) Dutch / Narrabri.
(b) Christian / Inagua.
(c) Monkey / Antananarivo.
(d) German / Bubaque.

13. In what decade did Madagascar manage to divest themselves from French rule?
(a) 1980's.
(b) 1970's.
(c) 1960's.
(d) 1950's.

14. Douglas Adams reveals that the country eventually changed its name from the Belgian Congo to Zaire in what year?
(a) 1984.
(b) 1962.
(c) 1971.
(d) 1977.

15. All of the following were on-board the twenty-three-foot fishing vessel in the chapter Here Be Chickens, except for which?
(a) A goat.
(b) Kiri.
(c) Four chickens.
(d) Two small boys.

Short Answer Questions

1. Leopard-skin Pillbox Hat informs the reader that by the ________ independence movements were sweeping across Africa.

2. The evolutionary change that passed Madagascar by was the arrival of the ________.

3. Adams expresses that if you took the whole of ________, scrunched it up a bit, shook out all the moose and reindeer, hurled it ten thousand miles around the world, and filled it with birds, then you'd be wasting your time, because it looks as if someone has already done it.

4. The first thing Adams and Carwardine saw in the Zaire customs hut was a picture of a ________.

5. What part of Arab's body was the kakapo holding lightly, but firmly in its bill in Heartbeats in the Night?

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