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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was the warden of Little Barrier Island?
(a) Dobby.
(b) Arab.
(c) Skip.
(d) Mark.

2. Who was an extremely experienced and knowledgeable zoologist who was working at that time for the World Wildlife Fund?
(a) Douglas Adams.
(b) Mark Carwardine.
(c) Kiri.
(d) Gaynor.

3. In Twig Technology, the narrator details how his airplane, full of ________ descendants arrived at ________ airport.
(a) Monkey / Antananarivo.
(b) German / Bubaque.
(c) Christian / Inagua.
(d) Dutch / Narrabri.

4. What was the nearly extinct form of lemur called that Mark and Douglas went to search for in Twig Technology?
(a) Alaotran Gentle.
(b) Fat-Tailed Dwarf.
(c) Aye-aye.
(d) Ring-tailed.

5. In Twig Technology, the narrator states that the Aye-aye is a ________ lemur.
(a) Amphibious.
(b) Marine.
(c) Marsupial.
(d) Nocturnal.

6. Other than Madagascar, where else does the Aye-aye live?
(a) New Zealand.
(b) Nowhere.
(c) Africa.
(d) Australia.

7. What bird in the chapter Heartbeats in the Night does Adams say he was destined never to find out anything more about while on his way to the warden's lodge?
(a) The Peregrine Falcon.
(b) The White-cheeked Bulbul.
(c) The little blue penguin.
(d) The Emu.

8. Who is said to be one of the most experienced helicopter pilots in the world, according to the narrator?
(a) Bill Black.
(b) Craig Hodsell.
(c) Richard Lewis.
(d) Terry Greene.

9. Who was the BBC producer who recorded Adams and Carwardine's exploits for a radio documentary series?
(a) Gaynor Shutte.
(b) Michael Green.
(c) Gary "Arab" Aburn.
(d) Zhou Kaiya.

10. Who was the photographer on the plane with Adams in Twig Technology?
(a) Condo Subagyo.
(b) Alain le Garsmeur.
(c) Chris Muir.
(d) Don Merton.

11. Adams states that when Captain Cook saw New Zealand from the sea in ________, he recorded that "inland as far as the eye can see the peaks are crowded together as to scarcely admit any valleys between them."
(a) 1789.
(b) 1492.
(c) 1773.
(d) 1588.

12. Who was the charming man with a squarish face, a shock of wavy black hair, and a thick black mustache that sat on his lip like a bar of chocolate?
(a) Kiri.
(b) Frederick.
(c) Mr. Condo.
(d) Robert.

13. According to Adams, what happens to all cats born in Labuan Bajo?
(a) They are sold on the black market.
(b) They are shipped to Europe.
(c) They are killed.
(d) They have their tails docked.

14. According to the narrator in the chapter Leopard-skin Pillbox Hat, where in Zaire do the mountain gorillas live?
(a) Amak Volcano.
(b) The Virunga Volcanoes.
(c) Buldir Volcano.
(d) Cold Bay Volcano.

15. All of the following were on-board the twenty-three-foot fishing vessel in the chapter Here Be Chickens, except for which?
(a) A goat.
(b) Four chickens.
(c) Kiri.
(d) Two small boys.

Short Answer Questions

1. Douglas Adams reveals that there is a good living to be made in Bali from pointing at ________.

2. Douglas Adams reveals that the country eventually changed its name from the Belgian Congo to Zaire in what year?

3. What was the name of the BBC sound engineer that accompanied Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine?

4. Adams informs the reader that a young female gorilla called ________, caught her hand in a wire antelope snare and eventually died of septicemia in August 1988.

5. What is the name of Arab's specially-trained and muzzled dog?

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