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1. Compare and contrast Mark Carwardine to Douglas Adams, as described in chapter Twig Technology.

Mark Carwardine is an extremely experienced and knowledgeable zoologist who was working for the World Wildlife Fund. His role was to know what he was talking about. Douglas Adams is an award-winning writer of humorous science fiction adventures whose role was as an extremely ignorant non-zoologist to whom everything that happened would come as a complete surprise. Together, Carwardine and Adams traveled around the world in search of exotic, endangered species.

2. Describe the Aye-aye discussed in chapter Twig Technology.

The Aye-aye is a nocturnal lemur found only on Madagascar. The few Aye-aye's known to exist are found in a refuge on the tiny rain-forest island of Nosy Mangabé. The Aye-aye looks as though it was assembled from bits of other animals. The most extraordinary features are a middle finger that looks like a long, dead twig and its enormous eyes.

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