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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Mark's Epilogue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Adams, ________ in every five of the gorillas alive in the world's zoos today were originally taken from the wild.
(a) Two.
(b) One.
(c) Three.
(d) Four.

2. Carl Jones expresses that he hates ________ in the chapter Rare, or Medium Rare.
(a) Englishmen.
(b) Cats.
(c) Media people.
(d) Dogs.

3. Mark Carwardine says that Mauritius was originally colonized by the _______.
(a) Dutch.
(b) French.
(c) Russians.
(d) Germans.

4. Adams states that there are only ________ bottle palm trees on Round Island.
(a) 2.
(b) 8.
(c) 90.
(d) 21.

5. When Adams wrote Last Chance to See, there were ________ human beings on earth.
(a) 5 billion.
(b) 1 million.
(c) 10 million.
(d) 2 trillion.

Short Answer Questions

1. Adams reveals that both Richard and Carl's first obsession was for ________.

2. In Here Be Chickens, room service told Adams and Carwardine that the ________ would be a handy thing to have when looking for man-eating lizards.

3. What was the name of the Scotsman from DOC that accompanied Adams and Carwardine in the chapter,Heartbeats in the Night?

4. What animal does not breed well in captivity, according to Carwardine in Mark's Epilogue?

5. Who was the premier expert on the endangered baiji described as a polite, kindly man about 60 years old, working at Nanjing University?

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