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This animal is a type of nocturnal lemur found only in Madagascar.


This animal is in the legend of a drowned princess and her reincarnation.


This location is home to the endangered Yangtze River dolphin.


This place is where the two main expeditioners go to see the legendary dragon lizards.


This location is a large island off the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. It is the first stopping place in search of nearly-extinct species.

Mauritius and Rodrigues

These locations were originally colonized by the Dutch, then taken over by the French, lost to the British after the Napoleonic wars, and now an independent part of the British Commonwealth.

New Zealand

This place is home to the nearly extinct kakapo parrot.

Northern White Rhino

This endangered species often hunted for their horns, which some believe act as an aphrodisiac, though unjustifiable...

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