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Lesson 1 (from Twig Technology)


Twig Technology

Mark Carwardine was a Conservation Officer with the World Wildlife Fund and is now a freelance zoologist, writer and photographer based in England. The objective of this lesson is to learn about Mark Carwardine and his influence on the book, Last Chance to See.


1) Class discussion: Who is Mark Carwardine? Is he an author of Last Chance to See? Is he the narrator in the book? What is Carwardine's profession? Who does he work for? What purpose does Carwardine serve in the book, Last Chance to See? What is his role on the expeditions he and Adams are about to embark on? Why is Carwardine important to understanding the meaning and purpose of Last Chance to See? How would the book change if he was not apart of it? Explain.

2) Partner discussion: How did Mark Carwardine come to meet Douglas Adams? Were these...

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