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Twig Technology

• In 1985, science fiction author Douglas Adams meets zoologist Mark Carwardine in Madagascar to find an Aye-aye, a rare nocturnal lemur made extinct in Africa by monkeys and now protected by humans on Nosy Mangab√© Island.
• Carwardine explains how poaching and loss of habitat wipe out species on Madagascar and in Africa.
• Twig Technology lists the animals sought out in this book and suggests that humans are both the cause of trouble and the only solution.
• Adams explains that animals naturally adapt to their environment, compete for resources, and the strongest wins.

Here Be Chickens

• Three years later, Adams and Carwardine meet in Australia, where Carwardine tells of ancient Chinese stories about scaly, fire breathing, man-eating monsters and Western sailors who mark on maps known as "Here be Dragons."
• After two days of frustration with Indonesian red tape, Adams, Carwardine, and BBC producer Gaynor Shutte fly to...

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