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• The following version of this book was used to create this Lesson Plan: Erdrich, Louise. LaRose. Harper Collins, 2016. First Edition."

• In the section “Two Houses: 1999-2000,” the chapter “The Door” introduces Landreaux.

• He is a devout Catholic and Ojibwe Indian who works as a physical therapy assistant, personal care assistant, and who is training as a dialysis technician.

• He goes hunting for a buck he has been watching for some time.

• Landreaux is married to Emmaline, who is even more devout then he is.

• They have five children: Hollis, Snow, Josette, Willard (nicknamed “Coochy”), and LaRose.

• LaRose is friends with Dusty Ravich, whose family lives nearby.

• There has been a LaRose in Emmaline’s family for generations.

• Landreaux shoots at the buck, but it moves.

• It hits something, and he realizes that he has killed Dusty Ravich, who was wearing all tan and standing behind the...

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