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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In New Orleans, what job does Hughes take?
(a) As a mess boy on a freighter traveling to Cuba.
(b) As a petty officer on a freighter to Havana.
(c) A job as a mess boy on a freighter traveling to Havana.
(d) A job as a petty officer on a freighter traveling to Cuba.

2. During this time he meets with many important literary figures of what movement?
(a) The Black Wave.
(b) The Black Renaissance.
(c) The Harlem Movement.
(d) The African American Movement.

3. Who is Jesse B. Simple?
(a) A member of the Black Renaissance that Langston had met.
(b) A character in one of Langston's poems.
(c) One of Langston's characters.
(d) Langston's best friend.

4. What does Hughes do before leaving for Paris?
(a) He visits the South one last time.
(b) He says goodbye to his familly.
(c) He fills out his will.
(d) He writes an article about preparing to leave.

5. In the spring of 1937 for whom does Hughes travel to Spain as a correspondent?
(a) The African American, a Baltimore based publication.
(b) The Baltimore, a Baltimore based publication.
(c) Time, a New York based publication.
(d) The Crisis, a New York based publication.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has happened to Barcelona, right before Langston arrives?

2. For how long does "Don't You Want to Be Free?" run?

3. In how many books does Simple appear?

4. How much success does Langston have with these submissions?

5. After they return to New York City, what does Langston begin planning?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Hughes travel to Spain?

2. What does Langston do upon returning to the United States?

3. Why does Langston write the poem "Tomorrow's Seed."

4. Describe Langston's poetry-reading tour.

5. What does Langston do after his first year at Lincoln?

6. What poetry does Hughes write during this summer?

7. What is significant about Jesse B. Simple?

8. What happens to the movie for which Hughes had been asked to become a writer?

9. What does Aimie Semple McPherson say about Langston?

10. What does Langston do while in Carmel, California?

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