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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During this time he meets with many important literary figures of what movement?
(a) The African American Movement.
(b) The Harlem Movement.
(c) The Black Wave.
(d) The Black Renaissance.

2. What happens to the musical revue for which Langston works as a song lyricist?
(a) It has a small amount of success.
(b) It closes after only one performance.
(c) It is very successful.
(d) It is never seen.

3. What does this group of individuals decide to create?
(a) A black magazine of the arts called Fire.
(b) A black theater called the Apollo Theatre.
(c) A black academy called the Renaissance Academy.
(d) A black university called New Negro College.

4. What has happened to Barcelona, right before Langston arrives?
(a) It has been bombed by the the British.
(b) It is destroyed by a nuclear bomb.
(c) It has become a territory of Nazi Germany.
(d) It is bombed by German and Italian aircraft.

5. With what difficult position is Langston posed?
(a) Wanting to write but needing to make money.
(b) Teaching in a school in which he does not want to be.
(c) Not having time to write all that he wishes to write.
(d) Writing material he has no interest in writing.

6. What is the name of the theater in Los Angeles?
(a) The New Harlem Theater.
(b) The New Negro Theater.
(c) The African Theater.
(d) The Next Apollo Theater.

7. What does Mrs. Bethune ask Langston to do for her students?
(a) Write a poem about them.
(b) Encourage them to be writers.
(c) Read some of his poetry to them.
(d) Teach them a poetry lesson.

8. Where does this trip south take Langston?
(a) To colleges, high schools, and local meeting places.
(b) To community centers and high schools.
(c) To famous theaters.
(d) To unversities and concert halls.

9. Where does Langston say he met a man named Simple?
(a) In a Harlem bar.
(b) In a Cleveland center.
(c) In a New York restaurant.
(d) In a Detroit club.

10. What happens when Hughes wakes the next morning?
(a) His father calls him.
(b) He receives a telgram saying his father is dead.
(c) His father is ill.
(d) He receives a letter from his mother saying his father is dead.

11. The result of Hughes' time spent writing in this place is what?
(a) An autobiography.
(b) A play.
(c) A book of short stories.
(d) A book of poetry.

12. When Fire is finally published at the end of the summer, how is it received?
(a) With hostile reviews.
(b) With mixed reviews.
(c) With negative reviews.
(d) With positive reviews.

13. Where are Hughes' plays performed?
(a) At the Croswell.
(b) At Karamu.
(c) At the Wintergarden.
(d) At Footlite.

14. About what is Hughes to report?
(a) African Americans and their role in World War II.
(b) The roles of Americcan soldiers in World War II.
(c) African Americans and their role in the war in Spain.
(d) The roles of American soldiers in the war in Spain.

15. When he returned to Harlem in January of 1938, what does Langston do?
(a) He helps build a theater for blacks called the Harlem Suitcase Theater.
(b) He runs the Harlem Suitcase Theater.
(c) He writes a play.
(d) He protests the war.

Short Answer Questions

1. After his first year at Lincoln, where does Hughes rent a room for the summer?

2. Where does Langston stay the following summer in order to complete his first novel?

3. Why are Hughes and the crew sent to Odessa?

4. What has this place become?

5. In the spring of 1937 for whom does Hughes travel to Spain as a correspondent?

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