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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In how many books does Simple appear?
(a) Ten.
(b) Five.
(c) One.
(d) Two.

2. Where does Langston stay the following summer in order to complete his first novel?
(a) Harlem.
(b) Carmel, California.
(c) On Lincoln's campus.
(d) New York City.

3. While in Baton Rouge, what does Langston visit?
(a) Members of the Black Renaissance.
(b) A jazz concert hall.
(c) A prison.
(d) A camp for refugees.

4. When do Langston and his friend set off for the South?
(a) October of 1941.
(b) October of 1951.
(c) October of 1921.
(d) October of 1931.

5. How is "The Big Sea" received by many critics?
(a) Only slightly.
(b) Warmly.
(c) Not at all.
(d) Angrily.

6. Who is the founder of Bethune-Cookman?
(a) Margaret Bethune.
(b) Mary Elizabeth Bethune.
(c) Mary McLeod Bethune.
(d) Marsha Jay Bethune.

7. What does this group of individuals decide to create?
(a) A black academy called the Renaissance Academy.
(b) A black theater called the Apollo Theatre.
(c) A black magazine of the arts called Fire.
(d) A black university called New Negro College.

8. When he returned to Harlem in January of 1938, what does Langston do?
(a) He writes a play.
(b) He helps build a theater for blacks called the Harlem Suitcase Theater.
(c) He protests the war.
(d) He runs the Harlem Suitcase Theater.

9. Where does Langston continue to submit plays?
(a) The Karamu.
(b) Footlite.
(c) Hollywood.
(d) Broadway.

10. Who does Simple represent?
(a) The famous black Americans.
(b) The average African American trying to make it in a white society.
(c) The members of the Black Renaissance.
(d) Artists.

11. To whom is "Tomorrow's Seed" dedicated?
(a) To the people of Spain.
(b) To Pablo Picasso and his work in Spain.
(c) To the Fascists.
(d) To the American soldiers he meets.

12. Who is Aimie Semple McPherson?
(a) A politician.
(b) A housewife.
(c) An evangelist.
(d) A Communist.

13. How does Fisk College reward Hughes for reading his poems at their college?
(a) With an article in the local paper.
(b) With free college tuition.
(c) With a thank you dinner.
(d) In a large fee.

14. Why are his readings canceled?
(a) They are afraid of him.
(b) There is no place large enough hold the crowds that want to meet him.
(c) Due to public outbursts.
(d) No one wants to hear him speak.

15. Which of Hughes' works is published during this summer?
(a) Prodigal Son and Mulatto.
(b) A House in Taos and Not Without Laughter.
(c) Mulatto and A House in Taos.
(d) Prodigal Son and Not Without Laughter.

Short Answer Questions

1. In New Orleans, what job does Hughes take?

2. With what difficult position is Langston posed?

3. What does his mother receive while they are there?

4. Where does Hughes live in Barcelona?

5. What does Langston think about his father?

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