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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do people suppose Langston has because he is black?
(a) Strength.
(b) Ignorance.
(c) Aggression.
(d) Rhythm.

2. How does Langston pass the time in Mexico?
(a) By working on his autobiography.
(b) By reading and writing.
(c) By reading, improving his Spanish, and riding horses.
(d) By playing soccer with other boys in town.

3. What does he do during this activity?
(a) He refuses to sing.
(b) He laughs and makes fun of the reading.
(c) He becomes bored and starts rolling his eyes and giggling.
(d) He trips and drops the candle.

4. One day when Langston and a white friend go to a cafeteria for lunch, how much does his friend's meal cost?
(a) Forty-five cents.
(b) Eight dollars and sixty-five cents.
(c) Five dollars.
(d) Two dollars.

5. During his senior year of high school, what happens to Langston?
(a) He is elected editor of the yearbook and class poet.
(b) He joins the track team.
(c) He is prom king.
(d) He becomes class president.

6. When Langston returns to New York, he is introduced to whom?
(a) Movie executives.
(b) Relatives he has never met.
(c) Several important figures of the era.
(d) Other playwrights.

7. After crossing into the country, why is Langston denied a sleeping car on the train?
(a) There are not enough sleeping cars.
(b) He is too young to have a sleeping car.
(c) He does not have enough money.
(d) He is black.

8. What is Lincoln?
(a) A college that accepts many black students.
(b) A public university for black students.
(c) A prestigious school for blacks.
(d) A liberal arts college.

9. Why does Langston sneak into the medical school building?
(a) To watch students dissect cadavers.
(b) He needs a doctor.
(c) He wants to be a doctor.
(d) He wants to steal medical supplies.

10. How does Mary make her living?
(a) By renting rooms to college students who went to the University of Kansas.
(b) By cooking, cleaning, and washing for rich white families.
(c) By working as a professor at the University of Kansas.
(d) By waitressing in a small diner.

11. Who introduces Langston to the poetry of Carl Sandburg?
(a) Miss Emilia Hartkopf.
(b) Miss Ellen Conn.
(c) Miss Emily Mills.
(d) Miss Ethel Weimer.

12. What does Langston's mother want him to do?
(a) Stay with her in Chicago.
(b) Go to Mexico.
(c) Move to New York.
(d) Get a job in Cleveland.

13. Who will Langston be joining?
(a) His mother, stepfather, and stepbrother.
(b) His mother and aunt.
(c) His mother, stepfather, and half-brother.
(d) His mother.

14. What does Langston's father say about American blacks and Mexicans?
(a) They should be given equality.
(b) He can relate to them.
(c) They are lazy and foolish.
(d) They should all move to Mexico.

15. Who are among Langston's classmates?
(a) Alice Walker and Etheridge Knight.
(b) Cab Calloway and Thurgood Marshall.
(c) Etheridge Knight and Cab Calloway.
(d) Thurgood Marshall and Alice Walker.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Langston's mother make him do at church?

2. In Africa, how is Hughes considered?

3. What happens when, in January, 1921, "A Negro Speaks of Rivers" is published in The Crisis?

4. After a while, when Langston stops going to classes, in what does he become more interested?

5. Who does Langston take with him when he meets the editors of The Crisis?

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