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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10, Busboy Poet.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who introduces Langston to the poetry of Carl Sandburg?
(a) Miss Ellen Conn.
(b) Miss Emilia Hartkopf.
(c) Miss Emily Mills.
(d) Miss Ethel Weimer.

2. What does Langston do that evening?
(a) He writes a letter to his mother.
(b) He cries himself to sleep.
(c) He calls his mother.
(d) He prays.

3. What leads Langston and his father to get into an argument concerning Langston's future?
(a) Langston wants to be a mining engineer.
(b) Langston wants to be a writer.
(c) Langston wants to be a painter.
(d) Langston does not want to go to college.

4. What happens when Langston is a junior in high school?
(a) Langston's mother and his stepfather reunite in Cleveland.
(b) Langston's mother and father get remarried.
(c) Langston's mother and father reunite in Mexico.
(d) Langston's mother and stepfather have another child.

5. Describe Hughes' family history.
(a) Mixed.
(b) Uneducated.
(c) Abusive.
(d) Exciting.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many parts of the African coast does Hughes see?

2. Where does Langston spend his first evening in New York?

3. As what is Langston's mother employed?

4. Why does Langston sneak into the medical school building?

5. Who will Langston be joining?

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