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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20, Theater in a Suitcase.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when, in January, 1921, "A Negro Speaks of Rivers" is published in The Crisis?
(a) After seeing her son's publishing success, Langston's mother sends him to Lincoln for college.
(b) After seeing his son's publishing success, Mr. Hughes agreed to send his son to Columbia University in New York.
(c) He is accepted into Columbia University with a full-ride.
(d) He is asked to come to Lincoln on a partial scholarship.

2. Who introduces Langston to the poetry of Carl Sandburg?
(a) Miss Ethel Weimer.
(b) Miss Ellen Conn.
(c) Miss Emilia Hartkopf.
(d) Miss Emily Mills.

3. What do the children do one by one?
(a) They approach the altar.
(b) They sing a solo.
(c) They read a passage from the Bible.
(d) They thank their families and friends for their support.

4. After they return to New York City, what does Langston begin planning?
(a) A poetry-reading tour.
(b) A trip to Paris.
(c) Another job on a ship.
(d) A tour in Asia.

5. What does Langston observe while working at a soda fountain?
(a) The many people who support the war.
(b) Social interaction.
(c) Many different views on the war.
(d) Many different views on racial issues.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does this trip south take Langston?

2. How does Langston decide to use his pay from the film?

3. What happens when Hughes wakes the next morning?

4. What does Langston's mother want him to do?

5. Of what is Langston in search when he returns to New York?

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