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Chapter 1, Wandering

• Langston Hughes never considered himself a poet until the age of fourteen.

• Since Langston was black, and black people were supposed to have rhythm, Langston's classmates assumed he would be a good poet; he delivered his first poem on graduation day.

• Hughes had a mixed family history; Langston Hughes was born in Joplin, Mississippi on February 1, 1902; his father left soon after his birth to try to improve his own life in Mexico.
• Langston was reunited with his father for a short while, when his mother and he moved to Mexico City; after experiencing an earthquake, Mrs. Hughes and Langston moved back to Kansas, where Langston was put in the care of his grandmother, Mary.

• Mary Langston made her living by renting rooms to college students who went to the University of Kansas.

• Langston's grandmother took Langston to hear Booker T. Washington speak at the University, as...

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