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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 7, Lancelot beings to talk about what?
(a) How America is becoming an immoral place.
(b) How America is no longer the center of movie filming.
(c) How America undervalues women.
(d) How America doesn't distinguish between moral and amoral women.

2. Who went with Lancelot on his quest to find the holy grail?
(a) Janos.
(b) Raine.
(c) Percival.
(d) Elgin.

3. In Lancelot's weather story in Chapter 7, what did the couple in the story confess?
(a) Their unhappiness.
(b) Their infidelity.
(c) Their love.
(d) Their children born out of wedlock.

4. What did Lancelot arrange for Elgin to buy?
(a) Wood.
(b) Car parts.
(c) Food.
(d) Video equipment.

5. In Chapter 6, what was the announcement?
(a) Lucy was moving to Hollywood to work for Raine.
(b) Raine was moving to Hollywood to work for Janos.
(c) Janos was moving to Hollywood to work for Raine.
(d) Lucy was moving to Hollywood to work for Janos.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 7, Lancelot talks about the weather, telling his friend a story about what?

2. What does Lancelot say he felt the night he killed?

3. After Lancelot makes his first visit in Chapter 8 after viewing the tapes, who else does he encounter that is deeply afraid of the storm and decides to move on as well?

4. What was headed to New Orleans as the movie moved into its final day of shooting?

5. What has truly changed for Lancelot by the end of Chapter 9?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Lancelot do with the money he withdrew from the bank?

2. What will be the difference in women between the New World and the current world?

3. What was wrong with the tapes Elgin made for Lancelot?

4. What happens when Lancelot asks Harry questions?

5. What are two things Lancelot does not want in his new world?

6. How is Elgin going to make a movie for Lancelot?

7. Lancelot wants to create his own world where women will be treated how?

8. What are Lancelot's plans after he leaves the hospital?

9. After viewing the tapes, what does Lancelot tell Merlin to do and why?

10. Despite being able to leave the hospital, Lancelot continues to claim what?

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