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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where had Margot rebuilt a burned section of Belle Isle?
(a) Over a gas well.
(b) On the eastern side of the island.
(c) On Tex's property.
(d) On property with disputed ownership.

2. In Chapter 5, who dominated the dinner conversation?
(a) Merlin.
(b) Raine.
(c) Troy.
(d) Janos Jacoby.

3. Where did Lancelot see his friend walking in Chapter 2?
(a) Through the courtyard to the castle outside Lancelot's window.
(b) Through the cemetery that sits outside Lancelot's window.
(c) With Lancelot's wife in the garden.
(d) With Lancelot's mother in the garden.

4. Where was Lancelot's wife the summer his daughter was conceived?
(a) In Texas.
(b) In California.
(c) At home.
(d) In Europe.

5. What information from Elgin did Lancelot not seem interested?
(a) Merlin's whereabouts that night and who he spent time with.
(b) Raine's whereabouts that night and who she spent time with.
(c) Lucy's whereabouts that night and who she spent time with.
(d) Margot's whereabouts that night and who she spent time with.

6. Lancelot learns that the girl next door is there for what reason?
(a) Because she killed three men.
(b) Because she participated in the killing of three women.
(c) Because she was brutally raped by three men.
(d) Because she had a mental breakdown.

7. In Chapter 3, Lancelot continues with his story, and asks Elgin what time which group of people had come back to Belle Isle?
(a) The movie people.
(b) Lancelot's family.
(c) The summer visitors.
(d) The island people.

8. Who is Margot?
(a) Lancelot's second wife.
(b) Lancelot's first wife.
(c) Lancelot's mother.
(d) Lancelot's sister.

9. In Chapter 5, Lancelot repeatedly comes back to what question?
(a) Whether or not he wanted to have a child with Margot.
(b) Whether or not he wanted to be married to Margot.
(c) Whether or not he wanted to have sex with Margot.
(d) Whether or not he loved Margot.

10. Lancelot compared the way he felt when he discovered the item in his father's sock drawer to what other event?
(a) When he learned of his wife's infidelity.
(b) When he learned he was not who he thought he was.
(c) When he learned of his mother's infidelity.
(d) When he learned his father had killed his mother.

11. What is one of the reasons why Elgin has done anything for Lancelot?
(a) He believed Lancelot had saved his family from a vengeful Grand Kleagle.
(b) Elgin was a blood relative of Lancelot.
(c) Elgin loved Lancelot's wife.
(d) Lancelot had saved Elgin from a burning building.

12. Who did Elgin report was also at the hotel that night?
(a) Raine.
(b) Siobhan.
(c) Lucy.
(d) Anna.

13. What did Lancelot and Margot share to drink during the rainy night?
(a) A bottle of rum.
(b) A bottle of whiskey.
(c) A bottle of gin.
(d) A bottle of wine.

14. In Chapter 3, what time does Elgin say the group of people returned to Belle Isle?
(a) After midnight.
(b) After six.
(c) After ten.
(d) After three.

15. In Chapter 5, who appeared bored during the dinner conversation?
(a) Janos.
(b) Raine.
(c) Troy.
(d) Merlin.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 1, Lancelot denies what?

2. After leaving the table at the normal time after dinner in Chapter 3, who did Lancelot say goodnight to?

3. Lancelot's family has deep roots in what region of the US?

4. What did Lancelot say he found in his father's sock drawer when he was a little boy?

5. What does Lancelot admit in Chapter 5?

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