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Camp Application - This piece of paper lists the blood type for Lancelot's daughter that leads him to assume she is not really his.

Knife - This is the weapon Lancelot uses to kill his wife's lover.

Gas Well - This is hidden underground at Belle Island.

Movie - This is what occupies the time of Margot and her friends at Belle Island.

Video Cameras - Elgin purchases these and sets them up in the bedrooms.

Thunder Machine - This is used to simulate a hurricane.

Hurricane Marie - The night Belle Island burns down, this comes.

Institute for Aberrent Behavior - This is the hospital where Lancelot is being kept.

Pigeonnier - This was once used for storage, but Margot converted it to an office.

Holiday Inn - This is the location where all the movie people are staying until Lancelot has it shut down.


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