Lancelot Character Descriptions

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Lancelot Andrewes Lamar

This character is the only son of traditional southern family.

Harry, the Priest-Physician, or Percival

This character is a priest-physician who might not really exist.

Mary Margaret

This character is the daughter of a rich oil businessman and is dabbling as an actress.

Siobhan Lamar and Tex Reilly

These characters are often banished upstairs and are seen in the story watching TV and annoying each other.

Lucy Lamar

This character, who is sixteen, is back to school before the hurricane hits.


This character attends MIT and serves at Belle Island.

Troy Dana and Raine Robinette

This character is an actor who plays the hero in the movie being made at Belle Isle.

Janos Jacoby

This character is a highly-celebrated director who is directing the film being made at Belle Isle.


This character is an actor and older man who gave an acting seminar...

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