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Nicholas Wolterstorff
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did Nicholas move Eric's belongings after several weeks?
(a) Basement.
(b) Shed.
(c) Garage.
(d) Attic.

2. Whose funeral had Nicholas attended six months before Eric's death?
(a) The 90-year-old mother of a friend.
(b) A little girl who had leukemia.
(c) Friends' baby who was born dead.
(d) A 23-year-old son of his friend.

3. What metaphor does Nicholas use on page 76 to refer to faith?
(a) A covered walk.
(b) A path.
(c) A footbridge.
(d) A sidewalk.

4. Who wrote a book that angered Nicholas?
(a) A mother whose son died in an industrial accident.
(b) A father whose son died in a mountaineering accident.
(c) A father whose son died in a skiing accident.
(d) A mother whose son died in a boating accident.

5. What is a soul that pants for God compared to in a scripture passage that Nicholas quotes on page 71?
(a) A boy mowing the lawn on a hot day.
(b) A person lost in the desert wanting a drink.
(c) A runner desperate for a drink of water.
(d) A deer panting for streams of water.

6. How many children did Nicholas have?
(a) 6.
(b) 4.
(c) 5.
(d) 3.

7. What is some suffering seen to be a result of?
(a) War.
(b) Poverty.
(c) Sin.
(d) Assault.

8. On page 61, in what type of land does Nicholas find it difficult to sing?
(a) This desolate land.
(b) This dry and weary land.
(c) This barren land.
(d) This sorrowing land.

9. How do the Biblical writers describe mankind?
(a) Deceitful and desperately wicked.
(b) A little lower than the angels.
(c) Made in the image of God.
(d) Sinful and lost.

10. Who said, "Be calm. "Disengage yourself. Neither laugh nor weep"?
(a) Stoics.
(b) Epicureans.
(c) The Romans.
(d) The Greeks.

11. What was Nicholas watching when the thought overwhelmed him that he did not understand suffering?
(a) A father carrying his dead son.
(b) The flicker of orange-pink evening light on almost still water.
(c) The flicker of red-gold morning light on wind-blown waves.
(d) A mother weeping in a cemetery.

12. What does Nicholas look forward to doing on the Great Day when all will be reunited?
(a) Being able to dispense with guilt.
(b) Being able to worship at God's throne.
(c) Being able to sing with the angels.
(d) Throwing himself into the arms of those he's wronged and saying, "I'm sorry."

13. When Nicholas reads the New Testament, of what fact is he convinced?
(a) That God loves his children.
(b) That Jesus of Nazareth was raised from the dead.
(c) That God is good.
(d) That Jesus of Nazareth died for man's sins.

14. What types of days can Nicholas, on page 61, say he can manage?
(a) Work days.
(b) Extraordinary.
(c) Routine.
(d) Ordinary.

15. In one respect, how does man mirror God?
(a) In death.
(b) In our knowledge.
(c) In faith.
(d) In happiness.

Short Answer Questions

1. What were people squeezing at the store when Nicholas was shopping?

2. In the image that Nicholas talks about seeing on page 60, who does he see dead?

3. To have an authentic life, whom must one become more like?

4. What does the Christian gospel focus on telling Christians?

5. Where is it written "Why do you permit yourself to suffer, O God? If the death of the devout costs you dear, why do you permit it?"

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