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Nicholas Wolterstorff
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What were people squeezing at the store when Nicholas was shopping?
(a) Pears.
(b) Melons.
(c) Pomegranates.
(d) Watermelons.

2. On page 66, a friend mentions to Nicholas that the message of a book in the Bible is the endurance of faith. What book of the Bible has this theme?
(a) John.
(b) Psalms.
(c) Job.
(d) Proverbs.

3. On page 50, what happens in Nicholas' dream?
(a) He meets a rabid dog in the woods.
(b) His wife chokes on her food and dies.
(c) His friends disappear.
(d) He catches a monster fish.

4. Who wrote "God too is pained by death, more even than you and I are; but there's nothing much he can do about it"?
(a) Rabbi Klein.
(b) Rabbi Schmidt.
(c) Rabbi Elwood.
(d) Rabbi Kushner.

5. On page 85, who does Nicholas say are the mourners?
(a) Those who have found joy in God.
(b) Those who see beyond sorrow.
(c) Those who have caught a glimpse of God's new day.
(d) Those who have identified themselves with Jesus Christ.

6. On page 81, whom does Nicholas say that God sent to suffer like mankind?
(a) The prophets.
(b) The apostles.
(c) The disciples.
(d) His son.

7. What does Nicholas almost not dare to say that Eric will miss because he has died?
(a) Writing books.
(b) Climbing mountains.
(c) Marriage.
(d) Listening to music.

8. Who wrote, "we have to wait for the third day"?
(a) Greg Bahsen.
(b) Henri Nouwen.
(c) Augustine.
(d) Clement.

9. On page 56, what did a friend remark about grief?
(a) It divides.
(b) It scores the soul.
(c) It isolates.
(d) It separates.

10. What does Nicholas look forward to doing on the Great Day when all will be reunited?
(a) Being able to sing with the angels.
(b) Throwing himself into the arms of those he's wronged and saying, "I'm sorry."
(c) Being able to worship at God's throne.
(d) Being able to dispense with guilt.

11. Whose funeral had Nicholas attended six months before Eric's death?
(a) Friends' baby who was born dead.
(b) The 90-year-old mother of a friend.
(c) A 23-year-old son of his friend.
(d) A little girl who had leukemia.

12. What music of Brahms does Nicholas try to play?
(a) The Art of Fugue.
(b) Hungarian Dances.
(c) German Requiem.
(d) Paganini Variations.

13. What nations does Nicholas mention when he thinks about what it would be like to be a member of a people whose national existence is under attack?
(a) Sudan, Pakistan, and India.
(b) Russians and Iranians.
(c) Iraqis and Iranians.
(d) Armenians, Jews, and Palestinians.

14. What is Nicholas doing in a dream on page 50?
(a) Fishing with his children.
(b) Eating dinner with his wife.
(c) Walking in the woods.
(d) Walking down the street with friends.

15. On page 63, what does Nicholas mention that someone said to Claire?
(a) I hope you're learning to live at peace with Eric's death.
(b) I hope you don't blame God.
(c) I hope your faith in God is being strengthened.
(d) I hope you are learning to find joy again.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is a soul that pants for God compared to in a scripture passage that Nicholas quotes on page 71?

2. Who said, "Be calm. "Disengage yourself. Neither laugh nor weep"?

3. What histories are written about the odyssey of humanity on earth?

4. What does Nicholas say that he does now instead of rowing?

5. Who does Nicholas say is the man of sorrows?

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