Lament for a Son Short Essay - Answer Key

Nicholas Wolterstorff
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1. When was Eric born and when did he die?

Eric was born on a snowy night in New Haven. He died twenty-five years later on a snowy slope in the Kaisergebirger.

2. How did Nicholas learn that his son died?

On a bright sunny, Sunday afternoon Nicholas received a phone call. The caller told him that Eric had a serious accident and died and that Nicholas must come at once.

3. What was Eric's educational background?

Eric was always quick and bright. He entered college as a National Merit Scholar. He always did well in science and math, so he spent his summers during college in computer programming. Finally, he decided to go into art history, rather than science. He felt he could touch humanity more by studying art. He was a fine artist, an accomplished potter, knowledgeable in music, and good in his performance.

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