Objects & Places from Lament for a Son

Nicholas Wolterstorff
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Munich - This place is where Eric lived.

Mountain Climbing Accident - This activity is how Eric dies.

Eric's Apartment - This is a home for someone who died.

Remembrance - This is a vital part of the Christian and Jewish way of life and involves never forgetting.

Kaisiergebirger - This place is where Eric dies.

Kufstein - This is the location where Nicholas has to collect his son's body.

Eric's Effects - These are things that belonged to Eric.

Eric's Thesis - This is a paper discussing the origins of modern architecture.

Library - This is where Eric studies and completes his research.

Men's Tears - This is something society scorns, but the author does not care, he will do it anyway.

Eric's Funeral - This activity is something that helps the narrator find some peace.

Liturgy - This was originally written for a friend who...

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