Objects & Places from Lament for a Son

Nicholas Wolterstorff
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This place is where Eric lived.

Mountain Climbing Accident

This activity is how Eric dies.

Eric's Apartment

This is a home for someone who died.


This is a vital part of the Christian and Jewish way of life and involves never forgetting.


This place is where Eric dies.


This is the location where Nicholas has to collect his son's body.

Eric's Effects

These are things that belonged to Eric.

Eric's Thesis

This is a paper discussing the origins of modern architecture.


This is where Eric studies and completes his research.

Men's Tears

This is something society scorns, but the author does not care, he will do it anyway.

Eric's Funeral

This activity is something that helps the narrator find some peace.


This was originally written for a friend who has cancer.


This is a sacrament that demonstrates God's participation in man's...

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