Lament for a Son Character Descriptions

Nicholas Wolterstorff
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Narrator - This person experiences intense grief after his son dies.

Eric - This person dies at the age of 25 in a mountain climbing accident.

God - This person feels mankind's suffering and has overcome death.

Jesus Christ - This person was raised from the dead.

Mourners - These are people who have seen much sorrow and injustice.

Friend's son - This is a person who commits suicide.

Bernhard - This person meets a friend in Munich.

Undertaker - This is a person who prepares dead bodies.

Claire - This person insists on seeing a dead body and sings a song at a funeral.

Friend with cancer - This is a person who because of an illness should have died several years ago.

Cary Ratcliff - This person is a composer who creates a requiem to honor someone who died.

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