Lament for a Son Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Nicholas Wolterstorff
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Section I: p. 5-16

• Nicholas Wolterstorff wrote "Lament for a Son" to help him deal with the premature death of his son, Eric in a mountain climbing accident.

• Stories are compiled by Nicholas relating to Eric's life and death to show how Nicholas overcomes the tragedy through his faith in God.

• Eric was twenty-five when he died in a mountain climbing accident in Austria.

• Nicholas buries Eric among willow trees in June.

• It is difficult for Nicholas to separate his son's body from his spirit.
• Nicholas learns of his son's death on a Sunday afternoon at three o'clock.

• Eric's younger brother just boarded a plane to join Eric in Munich.

• The call informs Nicholas that his son had an accident while climbing alone in the mountains, and Eric is dead.

• Eric was a smart child, a Merit Scholar, and a student of Art History.

• A hard worker, Eric...

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