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Richard Erdoes
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lame Deer talks about a famous chief that was named Man-Afraid-of-His-what?
(a) Arrow.
(b) Horse.
(c) Knife.
(d) Cow.

2. What does Lame Deer say is on the money, but is being killed by the money?
(a) The bald eagle.
(b) The soldiers.
(c) The open land.
(d) The President of the United States.

3. What did Lame Deer know he needed to do after he saw his grandfather with blood dripping from his chest?
(a) He needed to tell his family about the horrible truths of the white man.
(b) He needed to be a medicine man.
(c) He needed to seek revenge on the white man.
(d) He needed to take his grandfather's name.

4. What did the rectangles represent that had one line missing that are found on the belt that Lame Deer's grandmother made?
(a) Horses' tracks.
(b) Puffs of smoke off the pipe.
(c) Tipi houses.
(d) Open doors.

5. How many squares of flesh did Lame Deer's grandmother cut from her arm for him to have in the vision pit?
(a) Twenty.
(b) Thirty.
(c) Fifteen.
(d) Forty.

6. In the process of building a sweat house, how many white willow trees needed to be cut?
(a) Sixteen.
(b) Twelve.
(c) Nineteen.
(d) Five.

7. In the first part of the book, Lame Deer describes a white soldier bellied down in a gully watching the women using his green frog skin to fire up what?
(a) The bonfire for a dance.
(b) Buffalo chips.
(c) The latern for the tipi.
(d) Fire wood.

8. Lame Deer tells a story about his uncle and how his horse's rope was pulled into a badger's hole. What did his uncle have to do with the rope?
(a) He had to kill the badger.
(b) He had to use his knife to cut the rope.
(c) He had to shoot the rope in two.
(d) He and his horse had to pull on the rope together.

9. How many horses did Lame Deer's father have?
(a) Over two hundred and fifty.
(b) Over three hundred.
(c) Over three hundred and fifty.
(d) Over two hundred.

10. To protect their daughters from tipi-creepers, what would mothers tie around their daughter's waists?
(a) Eagle feathers.
(b) Knotted brances.
(c) Buffalo skin.
(d) Hair ropes.

11. How much did the Indian who had lost a leg in an industrial accident receive in insurance money?
(a) Fifteen thousand dollars.
(b) Twelve thousand dollars.
(c) Five thousand dollars.
(d) Ten thousand dollars.

12. What animal does Lame Deer mention in Chapter 7 that is much like an Indian because it's unchangeable?
(a) A cat.
(b) A buffalo.
(c) A bear.
(d) A wolf.

13. What did the Indians name "holy dog"?
(a) The buffalo.
(b) The bull.
(c) The horse.
(d) The wolf.

14. In Chapter 7, Pete Catches talks about his sister eating what animal's heart?
(a) Turtle.
(b) Dove.
(c) Buffalo.
(d) Wolf.

15. Lame Deer told a reporter that he would like to plant a staff on the very top of Mount Rushmore to make it a sacred mountain again. What colors would be on the staff?
(a) Red and yellow.
(b) Yellow and green.
(c) Black and red.
(d) Black and green.

Short Answer Questions

1. Lame Deer states that many white men think that the sun dance is an initiation of what?

2. Lame Deer talks about the white man being afraid of natural odors and declares that soon the white man will breed people without what?

3. What was the reason that Indians drank according to Lame Deer?

4. Lame Deer states in the beginning of Chapter 9 that if a conjurer or witch doctor is bad, he will do what?

5. What Sioux word means to bind or tie up?

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