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Richard Erdoes
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To get ready for a yuwipi meeting, what did the floor need to be covered with?
(a) Buffalo hides.
(b) Sagebrush.
(c) Feathers.
(d) Dung.

2. In the beginning of Chapter 13, Lame Deer states that the first thing the white man usually asks about is what?
(a) The peace pipe.
(b) Peyote.
(c) Green frog skin.
(d) Buffalo skins.

3. In the tale about the Stone Boy, what does the young girl swallow?
(a) A horse.
(b) A boy.
(c) An arrow.
(d) A stone.

4. What is the word that the Sioux Indians use for the soul, spirit, or essence?
(a) Shehi.
(b) Hanblechia.
(c) Nagi.
(d) Heyoka.

5. Lame Deer talks about a famous chief that was named Man-Afraid-of-His-what?
(a) Arrow.
(b) Horse.
(c) Knife.
(d) Cow.

6. When Lame Deer was asked to pick a trade when he was in the reformatory, what did he choose?
(a) Sign painting.
(b) Mechanic.
(c) Fence builder.
(d) Rodeo clown.

7. When the holy man in the story of the ghost dance saw the beautiful land he saw a land that was dotted with what?
(a) Thunderbirds.
(b) Buffalo.
(c) Tipis.
(d) Indian babies.

8. What was the word that the Sioux tribe used for the stone god?
(a) Tunkan.
(b) Wagmuha.
(c) Cheyne.
(d) Mosaken.

9. In the beginning of Chapter 11, Lame Deer describes a yuwipi ceremony. What does Lame Deer state roared in the darkness?
(a) The Great Spirit.
(b) The pipe smoke.
(c) The drums.
(d) The fire.

10. At the end of the yuwipi ceremony, dog meat was eaten. If someone ended up with the dog's head, what did that mean?
(a) You must pass on your power to your eldest son.
(b) It will bring good luck.
(c) The dog will watch over you from the clouds.
(d) You are doomed to darkness.

11. What does the word heyoka mean?
(a) Horse.
(b) Rodeo.
(c) Bull.
(d) Clown.

12. Lame Deer talks about a bird in the book that doesn't chirp. What did the white man call this type of bird?
(a) An owl.
(b) A crow.
(c) A golden eagle.
(d) A night hawk.

13. What church was Lame Deer a member of for five years?
(a) The Native American Church.
(b) The Church of the American Indian.
(c) Eastern Community Church.
(d) First Indian American Church.

14. If a boy wasn't satisfied with just rubbing noses with a girl, he would ask an elk medicine man to make him what?
(a) A bow and arrow.
(b) A horse bridle.
(c) An ax.
(d) A flute.

15. What was the oldest and most solemn ceremony of the Sioux tribe?
(a) The inipi ceremony.
(b) The yuwipi ceremony.
(c) The steam bath.
(d) The sun dance.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many times was the door to the sweat house opened during the inipi ceremony?

2. How much did the Indian who had lost a leg in an industrial accident receive in insurance money?

3. Lame Deer states that many white men think that the sun dance is an initiation of what?

4. In the process of building a sweat house, how many white willow trees needed to be cut?

5. What does the steam represent that is coming out of the pot mentioned in the beginning of Chapter 6?

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