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Richard Erdoes
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the word that the Sioux tribe used for the stone god?
(a) Cheyne.
(b) Wagmuha.
(c) Mosaken.
(d) Tunkan.

2. In the book, Lame Deer talks about horses in a rodeo and how the riders knew how the horses were going to buck. He says that it's not like riding a horse any more, it's like driving what?
(a) A garbage truck.
(b) A old mare.
(c) A bike.
(d) A milk truck.

3. How many guns are there in the Museum of the American Indian in New York City that once belonged to famous Indian chiefs?
(a) Six or seven.
(b) Four or five.
(c) Eight or nine.
(d) Five or six.

4. What did Ziolkowski say he wanted to do for the Indians?
(a) He said that he wanted to dedicate his work to Lame Deer.
(b) He said he wanted to put up a giant statue of Crazy Horse.
(c) He said he wanted to paint Mount Rushmore in horrible colors.
(d) He said he wanted to stop work on Mount Rushmore.

5. What was the reason that Indians drank according to Lame Deer?
(a) To hold on.
(b) To forget.
(c) To remember.
(d) To be more like the white man.

6. What church was Lame Deer a member of for five years?
(a) First Indian American Church.
(b) Eastern Community Church.
(c) The Church of the American Indian.
(d) The Native American Church.

7. Lame Deer mentions a special kind of deer called the taha topta sapa which had a black streak across what?
(a) It's tail.
(b) It's face.
(c) It's ears.
(d) It's stomach.

8. What did the Indians name "holy dog"?
(a) The buffalo.
(b) The bull.
(c) The wolf.
(d) The horse.

9. At the Custer battle, who had green paper in their pockets?
(a) The white soldiers.
(b) The white generals.
(c) The Indian warriors.
(d) The Indian chiefs.

10. What animal does Lame Deer mention in Chapter 7 that is much like an Indian because it's unchangeable?
(a) A buffalo.
(b) A wolf.
(c) A cat.
(d) A bear.

11. What state did the Sioux church members have to get their peyote from?
(a) Arizona.
(b) Nevada.
(c) Texas.
(d) California.

12. Lame Deer talks about a famous chief that was named Man-Afraid-of-His-what?
(a) Horse.
(b) Knife.
(c) Cow.
(d) Arrow.

13. Lame Deer talks about one of the Sioux's greatest holy men whose name was Chips. How old was Chips' grandson, Godfrey, when the power was passed on to him?
(a) Eighteen.
(b) Fourteen.
(c) Twenty.
(d) Thirteen.

14. In the beginning of Chapter 8, Lame Deer tells a big secret that he just wants to whisper and doesn't dare say aloud. What is this secret?
(a) That the Sioux are extremely bashful.
(b) That he has seen a thunderbird up close.
(c) That the Sioux tribe doesn't exist anymore.
(d) That he once believed himself to be a great Sioux warrior.

15. What was the name for men who dressed like women?
(a) Montmack.
(b) Symbife.
(c) Winktes.
(d) Tanka.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Lame Deer know he needed to do after he saw his grandfather with blood dripping from his chest?

2. When the holy man in the story of the ghost dance saw the beautiful land he saw a land that was dotted with what?

3. When the tree was cut down to prepare for the sun dance and the lower branches were cut off, what was used to cover the "wounds" on the tree?

4. In the beginning of Chapter 11, Lame Deer describes a yuwipi ceremony. What does Lame Deer state roared in the darkness?

5. What was the name of Lame Deer's other grandfather besides Crazy Heart?

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