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Richard Erdoes
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. One way for young folks to get together was for the girl to stand outside her family's tipi with what?
(a) A peace pipe.
(b) A big blanket.
(c) A buffalo skull.
(d) A bowl of stew.

2. How many times was the door to the sweat house opened during the inipi ceremony?
(a) Three.
(b) Ten.
(c) Six.
(d) Four.

3. What was the name of Lame Deer's other grandfather besides Crazy Heart?
(a) Flying By.
(b) Planter of Water.
(c) Did Not Butcher.
(d) Good Fox.

4. What does the steam represent that is coming out of the pot mentioned in the beginning of Chapter 6?
(a) New life.
(b) Darkness.
(c) Living breath.
(d) Mystery.

5. What does the word inyan mean?
(a) The horses.
(b) The houses.
(c) The rocks.
(d) The coyotes.

6. What Sioux word means to bind or tie up?
(a) Tunka.
(b) Inyan.
(c) Yuwi.
(d) Tunkashila.

7. What did the girls often do when the time of parting had come for them and someone they love?
(a) They would make up a song.
(b) They would send pieces of their hair with the young man.
(c) They would carve their name into the young man's belt.
(d) They would pass around the peace pipe.

8. In Chapter 8, Lame Deer talks about a young Navajo boy and girl in their apartment in their city. What color of blanket did he put over this young couple?
(a) Blue.
(b) White.
(c) Yellow.
(d) Red.

9. In the first part of the book, Lame Deer describes a white soldier bellied down in a gully watching the women using his green frog skin to fire up what?
(a) Buffalo chips.
(b) The bonfire for a dance.
(c) Fire wood.
(d) The latern for the tipi.

10. To get ready for a yuwipi meeting, what did the floor need to be covered with?
(a) Feathers.
(b) Sagebrush.
(c) Dung.
(d) Buffalo hides.

11. Lame Deer stated that the only place his tribe could hold their sun dance was where?
(a) A front porch of one member of the tribe.
(b) An open field behind their reservation.
(c) The old fairgrounds.
(d) In an abandoned warehouse.

12. In the beginning of the tale about the Stone Boy, a young girl had how many brothers?
(a) Four.
(b) Three.
(c) Two.
(d) Five.

13. What does Lame Deer say is the main thing in marriage?
(a) Comfort.
(b) Understanding.
(c) Children.
(d) Love.

14. When Lame Deer talks about the four square miles along the Rapid River that his great-grandfather and his tribe had taken away from them, he talks about the government missing out on a life-sized dinosaur made out of green what?
(a) Paper Mache.
(b) Concrete.
(c) Wood.
(d) Iron.

15. What did Ziolkowski say he wanted to do for the Indians?
(a) He said he wanted to put up a giant statue of Crazy Horse.
(b) He said he wanted to stop work on Mount Rushmore.
(c) He said he wanted to paint Mount Rushmore in horrible colors.
(d) He said that he wanted to dedicate his work to Lame Deer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the word that the Sioux Indians use for the soul, spirit, or essence?

2. What did the rectangles represent that had one line missing that are found on the belt that Lame Deer's grandmother made?

3. Which direction did the sweat lodge face?

4. Lame Deer talks about the white man being afraid of natural odors and declares that soon the white man will breed people without what?

5. Lame Deer mentions a special kind of deer called the taha topta sapa which had a black streak across what?

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