Objects & Places from Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions

Richard Erdoes
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Peace Pipe

This object symbolizes man's relationship to the earth and to the spirits.

Mt. Rushmore

A place that was taken from the Sioux in the Black Hills.

Red Pipestone Rock

The Sioux pipe bowl is made from this object.

Green Frog Skin

This is the term for white man's money.

Native American Church

This object uses peyote as a part of their religious activities.


This place is a tiny Sioux village in South Dakota.

Uncle Tomahawk

This name is given to Indians who capitulate to the white man.


This place is a reformatory in Ohio where Lame Deer was sent.

Pine Ridge

This place is a Sioux reservation in South Dakota.


This is the name given to the act of going into a pit for four days and nights to obtain a vision from one or more spirits.

Sweat Bath

This ceremony occurs before...

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