Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions Character Descriptions

Richard Erdoes
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John Fire (Lame Deer)

This person is the central figure of the entire work.

Richard Erdoes

This person felt the need to arrange Indian culture into a work that would preserve its deep spiritual heritage and spiritual significance.

Pete Catches

This person spends much of their time talking to animals and plants to listen to their wisdom and take their strength within themselves.

Godfrey Chips

This person became a Yuwipi at the age of thirteen and refuses to fight even when provoked.

Ingam Hoksi

This person was born from their mother swallowing a large stone in an attempted suicide.

Rabbit Boy

This person made Iktome jealous and was chopped up into little chunks.

Elk Head Family

This group of people are the keeper of the first redstone pipe.

Leonard Crow Dog

This person travels to Texas to obtain peyote and bring it back to South Dakota for church...

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