Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Richard Erdoes
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Chapters 1-5: Alone on the Hilltip; That Gun in the New York Museum Belongs to Me; The Green Frog Skin; Getting Drunk, Going to Jail; Sitting on Top of Teddy Roosevelt's Head

• A young Indian boy of the age of sixteen spends four days and nights in a vision pit. The vision pit is a passage into manhood and a Sioux tradition for aspiring medicine men. The young boy's given name is John Fire but this saga begins the life of Lame Deer.

• The boy waits in the pit to have his vision. With the vision comes the power to heal, and no Sioux could become a medicine man without it.

• The boy's vision consisted of a huge bird and a high-pitched strange voice.

• Lame Deer felt like he had ascended to the sky and he was told by the "fowl people" that he would become a medicine...

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