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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Sergeant Noonan offers to take Mary to another house for the night, she responds that she “didn’t feel like she could move even” how much “at the moment”?
(a) A centimeter
(b) A foot
(c) A yard
(d) An inch

2. The plot structure of “Lamb to the Slaughter” depicts which qualities?
(a) It follows a nonlinear plot line
(b) It follows an anticlimactic plot line
(c) It follows a traditional plot line
(d) It follows a postmodern plot line

3. Where does Mary exit the home after killing Patrick?
(a) Through the cellar door
(b) Through the back door
(c) Through the front door
(d) Through the front window

4. What is described as being “twisted back underneath [Patrick’s] body” when Mary returns home from the store?
(a) Patrick’s foot
(b) Patrick’s arm
(c) Patrick’s neck
(d) Patrick’s leg

5. What color is Patrick’s second drink that he makes for himself described as?
(a) Light crimson
(b) Light brown
(c) Black
(d) Dark amber

Short Answer Questions

1. To whom does Mary call out when she returns from the store?

2. What is Mary’s presumed reason for killing her husband in “Lamb to the Slaughter”?

3. What does Mary attempt to do when Patrick tells her to “sit down” after he arrives home in “Lamb to the Slaughter”?

4. What murder weapon is used to kill Patrick in the story?

5. Mary is said to watch Patrick as he relates his statement “with a kind of dazed” what?

Short Essay Questions

1. What elements of the setting of “Lamb to the Slaughter” indicate the time period for the story?

2. How does the author portray women and men differently in “Lamb to the Slaughter”?

3. How would you characterize Sergeant Noonan’s behavior toward Mary in “Lamb to Slaughter”?

4. What is the motivation for the crime committed in “Lamb to Slaughter”? How is this motivation established in the beginning of the story?

5. At what point in the story is Mary’s sense of identity shattered? What does she do to regain her sense of identity?

6. What differences can be seen between the 1950s society in the short story and society today?

7. How is Mary’s discussion with Sam regarding “dessert” an example of verbal irony?

8. Where in the story does the exposition take place? What important information is revealed through the exposition?

9. How is the setting described in the first paragraph of “Lamb to Slaughter”? What items are described in the room?

10. How does Mary’s character transform after hearing Patrick’s news in “Lamb to Slaughter”?

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